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I think this offer mail is a fake mail, whom so ever please take necessary action and beware of such fake offers. I think we can sum it up to say all the lives the yates bunch have touched have endured hard times. If you are in need of loan and you are 100% sure to pay back the loan please contact them and please tell them that Mr, Lennox Oliver referred you to them. To start June 2013 off, Windows Azure Web Sites released in preview form custom SSL hosting options for Windows Azure Web Sites. Last night I flipped the switch (CNAME DNS updated) to redirect traffic directly to my Azure Web Site vs using a reverse proxy solution I had in production use before. In the spirit of showing how much easier things are now, I wanted to show the certificate upload process, describe some differences and options, and then follow with general information about how I host my site on Azure today. This change has a financial impact on my mobile application as I'll be able to cut out the 2-instance Small (A1) Cloud Service deployment that was costing me $60 per instance x 2 = $120 US per month in base compute cost on top of the standard Web Sites costs.
Removing the workaround is a solid win for me and I believe Azure is providing a very good value with its custom SSL service, especially when I compare it to the former costs I had on Amazon with ELB.
Basic SSL is available at no cost with Azure Web Sites, but custom certificates (in preview form) are an additional cost. However clearly providing a custom SSL certificate is a professional feature for a professional web presence, application or corporate deployment. The Windows Azure Management Portal now exposes SSL certificates within the 'Configure' tab for your web sites.
Under the new "certificates" section you first off need to upload a passcode-protected PFX certificate (PKCS12 package). If you're new to this process, you can follow my previous post about SSL certificates in general when it comes to the CSR, creating the PFX file, etc.
Once uploaded, you should see the certificate appear along with its thumbprint and other information.

Per Wikipedia's page about SNI, Server Name Indication (SNI) is effectively the protocol-level support for secure server certificate exchange for virtual hosts and servers. It is well-supported today in a variety of modern browser and operating system implementations but SNI is not universal. SNI helps effectively reduce the price and implementation complexity of SSL because you no longer need dedicated virtual IPs (VIPs) per host name that is being served by a web server, load balancer, or other infrastructure component - these components can instead implement their SSL by performing a certificate lookup and then presenting that custom cert as part of the TLS handshake for that web site.
In the Configure tab for the Web Site, you can configure bindings for the paid SSL options. When creating a binding, you create a new entry and pick the underlying SSL technology option. This allowed me to use my browser to navigate to the HTTPS endpoint and make sure everything looked OK, certificate was being resolved properly, the cert chain was present, etc.
Once I was happy, I updated my DNS CNAME entry, initially with a short 60 second TTL setting - and since then I have now popped that up to a multiple-hour TTL since things are working great.
In the past I hosted this in the Amazon cloud, but during the month of April 2013, I worked to start moving it over to Windows Azure and have been very happy with the results. Windows Azure Web Sites is a really powerful hosting environment that lets me pay for reserved computing power with an easy deployment model (just Git pushes of Node.js JS source files). Disclaimer: The content on this site represents my own personal opinions and thoughts at the time of posting, and does not reflect those of my employer in any way. I am one of the rare gem of hacker who hack and build hacking software which most hackers can build.
Dr Miracle restored happiness to my life again by bringing my husband back to me with his powers. Things are working great and later today I will spin down and delete the cloud service that was providing the SSL capability for me in the past. For 4th & Mayor and its app traffic of hundreds of thousands of mobile phones, I'm using multiple Small reserved instances.

In general Windows Azure provides load balancing for free as a valuable service on top of the underlying cloud or web site services. This is often enough for a secure application on the simple scale, mobile apps, or web services. Select the "Upload a certificate" option, find the file on your machine, and then provide the passcode. Do your own testing and research before you commit to your technical SSL implementation choice, of course. It is a lot easier than standing up my own EC2 or Azure VM instances, configuring software, yum installs, etc. I told my self that any Loan lender that could change my Life and that of my family, i will refer any person that is looking for loan to Them. You may need to create CNAME or other verification DNS entries for this to work properly and prove that you control the domain. I am reliable and loyal to clients and make the satisfaction and safety of my clients my priority. Dr Miracle words can not express how much good you have done for me and i believe that even a thousand words won't be enough to describe your good great works. If you are facing any spiritual problem i advice you not to cry just contact Dr Miracle on his email or and his web site and he will solve all your problems.

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