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Contact Experiencers ofttimes describe seeing a portal or a vortex opening up in their proximity prior to being “taken,” “pulled” or “transported” to wherever our Extraterrestrial or Advanced Intelligences take them. The second subject describes his vortex as being a “doorway” with a film like cover or opening to it. A third example comes from a well-known Experiencer named AJ who states, “I was calm and looking out of the window into our back yard. These three examples, as well as those of other Contactees such as David Huggins, suggest phenomena such as vortexes, time tunnels, worm holes and the like, do exist and our Extraterrestrial friends and Advanced Intelligences use them as a means to come to our planet, dimension, and into our homes.
As other Contact Experiencers were in line to have the technology they are viewing and the procedures on how to use it explained to them, our subject immediately remembers what the device is and how to use it. We have a report involving a device that is shaped similar to a razor that has a handle and appears similar to what a person would use to shave with except it does not have a blade at the end.
There is an alleged procedure or reason for this object’s use and it was described in three parts. The image on the right depicts an ET Propulsion System that Experiencer Danion Kell was shown whilst aboard a craft with a tall dark and wise being. During Danion’s tour of the ET ship, he was shown the propulsion system of the craft, which appeared to incorporate Tesla coils as well as a crystal matrix. In the 1980’s Abductee-Experiencer Melinda Leslie had an encounter during which she had the opportunity to see a propulsion system whilst aboard an ET craft.
Years later, a professional technical aerospace artist named Mark McCandlish would interview Melinda Leslie and two other women Abductee-Experiencers and create a technical rendition of what they saw. James Allen Higgins, a documentary film maker, would go on to create a video documentary entitled Zero Point Final Cut, detailing the events that led to McCandlish’s final technical version of what is termed an ARV or Alien Reproduction Vehicle.
In the video, McCandlish states: “And if I woke up tomorrow on the other side of the veil, I wouldn’t be surprised, I mean, I really wouldn’t…because I know how serious the technology is. A few years ago, information was shared with the HR Team regarding two ET-alien craft, or ET appearing craft. A newer, nearly identical craft was also shown to the subject and this particular craft was kept inside the secret hangar.
Images and Alien Abduction Activities of Mantis-Insectoids, Tall Blacks, Greys, Brown Dwarfs, Wrinkled Humanoids, Hybrids and The New Race of Children, The Blues, Tall Whites, Blond-Nordics, Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians. To understand how this information fits in with other UFO related events, refer to A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality. Generally speaking, those who are not born in the United States, or those who have no other legitimate claim to U.S. Been Lawful Permanent Residents for at least five years (three years for the spouses of U.S.

Are of “good moral character” (that is, have not been arrested for or convicted of any serious crimes).
ANNUAL REPORTS DUE!ATTENTION FLORIDA BUSINESS OWNERS: If you have a company entity registered in FLORIDA, you need to file your Annual Report BEFORE MAY 1. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.
A more recent account and artistic rendering of one such event is that of artist David Huggins.
As he looked through his side of the portal, he saw another man on the opposite end cutting through his own side of the portal. These mechanisms for transport are one of the reasons so many people can be quickly “taken,” “pulled” and “transported” to their worlds and craft without many, if any witnesses at all. If it is not Time Travel in the literal sense, this may have been interdimensional travel. Its size is approximately 20 centimetres (9 inches) and it is described as having a brushed metallic exterior.
The beings make their subjects believe they are helping them and when viewing the object as it is held up toward the subject, they are convinced they will be transformed into royalty or made a superior human being, when in fact it is quite different. We wonder if this could be technology created by Extraterrestrials or Advanced Intelligences that has a dual purpose and as with most technology, can be helpful or hurtful depending on how it is used and who is using it.
Their descriptions were presented to McCandlish independent of any knowledge of what McCandlish already had in his possession.
His technical rendering depicts (some say too accurately) a back-engineered alien craft and propulsion system that is said to have been in the possession of the United States military as far back as 1988 when it was revealed in a secret section of a military air show in what was supposed to have been an “off limits hangar.” Sadly, shortly after the film was produced, James Allen Higgins died due to what appears to have been poisoning by heavy metals. Both were housed on a secret joint military-ET base which will remain unnamed because the subject said it had to be kept secret at all costs. Our timeline documents the other scientists who were silenced (some indications are they were murdered) for their discoveries regarding Zero Point Energy, Anti-Gravitics and similar scientific discoveries. We have two subjects who experienced similar types of vortexes during the same encounter, but in their own ways, they are also somewhat different.
I saw something that looked like a large, multicolored, partially opened umbrella floating perpendicular to the house in the middle of our back yard.
There is also, of course, the possibility that one or both of the two subjects who watched or used this device misinterpreted its use. We have other Abductee-Experiencers who have been shown similar shaped devices pertaining to ET propulsion systems. We know there is at least one other civilian who is aware of this base, but they will not speak about it either.

These men are mentioned in James Allen’s Zero Point Final Cut at approximately the 1 hour 20 minute timeframe. Citizens by a process called “Naturalization”, after having been a lawful permanent resident (“Green Card holder”) in the United States, and meet a series of other qualifications. Failure to file will result in administrative dissolution of your company and a significant fine to reinstate it. With brushing, you can precisely control where each effect is applied to your image.Brushing is available when using Exposure as a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as when using Exposure as a standalone app.
The HR Team suspects the first subject was waiting with an ET or AI on one side of the vortex while the second Experiencer was preparing to travel through the opposite end or perhaps, return to his original point of departure.
Their only weapon was a thing that looked like a whip, but it was made out of a lot of long strands of something. It takes something from the body which these beings apparently require and the subject is then transformed into their species. Another case involves a UFO type craft employing a similar shaped device and we hope to add an image of it in the future. Melinda Leslie and the two other women Abductee-Experiencers are mentioned at approximately the 40 minute timeframe. In standalone mode, changes made by brushing are nondestructive and can be edited later.Here is a tutorial video which shows you how brushing works. It was described as “consumption” or at least, that is what one subject reported being told. Team’ [name of group withheld] had in its possession.” The sketches are crude, but they provide the general shape and type of ET craft that was seen.
There was a Being floating through this vortex and I could see his legs, which were a gray color. We take this to mean the bodily fluid or samples these beings take are used in the manner a Human might consume something, but by doing so, it also changes the subject permanently. It was soft and although it could sting if you were hit hard enough, I don’t think it would really cause any severe damage. I think many users have been looking forward to being able to stack effects for a long time.
Team Alien Skin effectively guaranteed 9 out of 10 Exposure users are going to click that upgrade button when X is released!( Now it will be cool if we can have a histogram with highlights and shadows alert.

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