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Given document provides answers to a list of typical questions that HIPAASpace users might ask regarding a particular subject. Since NPI became enforced on May 23rd 2007, many providers have fallen into the sharing problem. The idea that lies behind the NPI is entirely positive, however it is necessary to provide all the involved parties with decent NPI lookup abilities to allow them to maintain their systems properly.
In the solution shown above, certain Providers and Healthcare organizations agree to post their NPIs on a shared system. So, referring back to the NPI system above, in reality there a lot of vendors, who offer similar ?databases? and NPI Services. Based on the industry statistics in the NPI domain, it became known that the amount of mistakes and data accuracy decreases dramatically with more vendors and providers entering the world of NPI lookup services.
Looking to the graph above, even with lots of people providing similar services data accuracy and probability of data corruption while NPI Lookup dramatically decreases and the size of the NPI Lookup Database is not increasing significantly.
Another approach to the NPI Lookup problem can be the creation of the personalized ?NPI Lookup account?.
Based on the full NPI list each user has, provider then defines the area he wishes to share with his partner. When one system member needs to access the list of NPI numbers from another member, there is no longer any need to call and disturb the partner ? the request can simply be submitted within the system, and another party will be able to combine the list of NPI requestor is looking for in just one click. Adopting the system described above allows the entire healthcare community to share and use the NPI numbers easily and effictively.
With the Personalized NPI Lookup Database solution data accuracy increases, since with each new partner system there is more information available to be shared between providers and Healthcare organizations.
In order to start using NPI Number Database for managing your NPI numbers there is need to register in the system. In order to create an account there is need to use Sign Up form at the bottom of the Login Screen.
We are trying to keep your personal security at the highest level, due to that, we don’t require you entering any your personal information like name, address, credit card, etc.
This page is very simple, it basically asks you to define the password you will be using while logging into the system.
Seeing the main screen of the system means your Sign Up process is done and you’re ready to use all the benefits of the NPI Number Database system like NPI Lookup, NPI Registry sharing, NPI Partners and List management, etc. If you are existing user of the NPI Number Database system and you have passed the process described in the Step 1 of the current guide you can easily log into the system any time you need. When you click the Sign In link you will get to the General Login Screen of the NPI Number Database system shown in the Step 1.
When all the credentials are set correctly you need to press “Sign In” button and you will get to the Main screen of the NPI Number Database system, shown in above paragraph. You will start from creating a new partner by entering all the information into the form shown above and then clicking on the button “Add New Partner”.
The next step is to set up a Registry of National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers you have or your organization holds.
Before sharing any NPI numbers or doing any Lookup, there is need to put all your NPI numbers into the system.
When you have set up the Registry of NPI numbers associated with you, you can define what partner can receive which NPI numbers.
List at the left side shows all the partners we have set up in the system, table at the right shows the list of available providers within our organization.
In case there are several NPI Registries, it is possible to show the containing list of NPI Numbers by clicking Select button at the right. NPI was enforced as a part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), adopted in 1996.

All individual HIPAA covered healthcare providers or organizations (hospitals, home health care agencies, nursing homes, residential treatment centers, group practices, laboratories, pharmacies, medical equipment companies, etc.) must obtain an NPI for use in all HIPAA standard transactions, even if a billing agency prepares the transaction. While submitting the claim to payer, provider should specify not only his NPI but also NPI of all referring providers mentioned in the claim.
From diagram above it is clear that Center Point, which is some abstract person or department within Healthcare Organization, gets extremely overloaded, since the same or similar information should be distributed among the large amount of requestors.
It is possible to outline that solution to the problem described above should be complex, since it doesn’t make much sense to solve one part of the problem leaving another unresolved. This should be an online solution so anyone can know where he needs to go first instead of bugging the Healthcare Organization.
In the situation when CMS doesn?t provide Dissimilation of the NPI Numbers it is obvious that solution should include also Lookup Database, populated with the NPI Numbers and corresponding Providers. In order to satisfy the nowadays needs of the Healthcare community, there was created the NPI Number Database solution that incorporates all the intermediate solutions and best practices made before current time and solves all the NPI sharing problems people had to face with recently.
So all the parties become totally untied and no need to receive and send phone calls ? there is one central point that keeps and shares the data in very easy and convenient manner.
On the first diagram above, Healthcare organizations performs single submission of all the NPI numbers it holds and then defines a rules of data access by Outside providers and at the same time receives the access information from them and shares this information one time with its Providers. In second case after all the parties have submitted their information, for Provider that has thousands of referring providers from organizations or standalone practices ? there is no need to start the data collecting campaign ? everything is already collected and ready to use ? just submit you request and all the data is sent to you. As it comes from that table above usage of NPI Number Database on the regular basis allows average-size Healthcare organization to cut the expenses by $77,500, which may be a grate benefit to the business. This can be a suitable solution when there is only one such system and everybody needs to put their numbers there. Indeed this is a system which allows you to maintain and manage your own NPI numbers as you decide and feel confident that information is valid.
At this stage, the system solves the entire range of personalization and data integrity problems that were raised for the Pure NPI Database solution.
Furthermore, in variation to pure NPI Lookup systems all the lists and communications kept personalized and private, it is impossible to corrupt or fake the date, which makes such system industry effective. At the same time, the amount of NPI records increases significantly in difference to the pure database solution. This form requires entering of your e-mail address, which will be your main and unique ID within NPI Number Database system.
Please use Sign In form and specify your e-mail address (which is your ID in the system) and password.
The page for managing the NPI numbers of your providers is pretty much the same by functionality as Partners management page described above.
Sometimes healthcare organization A, for example hospital, has several providers in staff, but not all of them work with the organization B. Just click the checkbox near the provider you want to move from one side to another and then click the red button.
Smith, once you have added him as a partner, he will receive invitation to join the system and once he logs into the system, all the NPI Registry you have prepared for him will be shown automatically. It will bring you to the page Password Setup in NPI Number Database system, described earlier where you can easily change your password. The NPI may eventually replace the unique provider identification number (UPIN) as the required identifier for Medicare services. Once assigned, a provider's NPI is permanent and remains with the provider regardless or job or location changes. This becomes a huge mess for organizations that host these providers since they receive thousands of phone calls, faxes, e-mails, asking for NPI of their providers.
The major issue here is that information is practically the same ? this is either full or limited list of NPI numbers, but lack of some secured and convenient sharing mechanism, Center Point should spend lots of time and money on such a routine operations that has nothing with the primary mission of the organization.

In this case Provider becomes overloaded and he is having hard time exchanging his NPI with others and retrieving external NPIs from his referrers.
In some scenario the same database solution can be hosted within the Healthcare Organization to provide own control over the database. Such kind of Database will eliminate all the short-coming requests which make 90% of the entire headache for some medical practices.
After one-time activity is done no further interactions required ? system starts working as bullet. Should you want to make a fast and easy NPI lookup, pre-populated database is at your service. Indeed, there is such a system ? driven by governmental organizations - but they don?t provide any sharing and lookup as they did in the case of UPIN numbers. Futhermore, in reality such systems are very unreliable by their nature ? everything is tracked and maintained by an unknown party. However, the current lookup system doesn?t solve the issue of cross-provider lookup, which is in fact the main problem.
Now another hospital B requests NPI numbers to site them as referring providers while billing.
In case you encounter any problems working with the site or creating an account, please shoot a message using Feedback form – we will be with you shortly to address your question and will guide you through the whole process if needed. Clicking on this button you will see the “Thank you” page, saying that your sign up has been made successfully. Also, passwords are not kept as plain information – they are stored in highly encrypted form in the database, so nobody can read them – that is why we only allow the Account owner to change the password without sending it by e-mail.
The only difference is that you’re adding NPI numbers with the information about the NPI Number holder, associated with it.
It is not correct (although legal) to share all possible NPI numbers from organization A to organization B – only limited subset should be shared.
If one day you will need to enlarge this Registry for this particular partner you can go ahead and add more NPIs to his list, Mr. The same problem exists for people who has thousands of referring providers and who need to call all the people. If you need to populate more information ? you can log into your profile and add or modify whatever you need. So, even though all the personalized data cells are kept within one system, there is no way to share them across the providers and healthcare organization, meaning that all lookups will be local within the lists of the current provider, which is unsatisfactory.
What happens now is hospital B calls or e-mails hospital A requesting infromation about each and every provider. It is important that you read Terms of Use, since you will have to follow these terms while using the site. This utilizes a lot of time from the employees of hospital A, who have to stop their current work and answer the phone, fax, or e-mail. By using the system above, hospital A can prepare the sub-list of providers who worked with hospital B and then share it with hospital B within the system.
In the majority of cases Healthcare providers run into problems when they have to obtain thousands of referring providers or when they have a several providers who made references for them and are now are calling, faxing, e-mailing to get the NPI number of the particular provider. This completely removes all extra communications between hospitals and makes life for all parties much easier.

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