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Makro has evolved in the retail space from a stalwart warehouse chain to now being able to offer customers a convenient online shopping hub. EDIT: This package deal came to an end on 26 May 2014, and the RRP of the B593-s601 went back up to R2 499. Phoned my local Makro (Silver Lakes, Pretoria) and they confirmed they had stock of the B593, but they didn't know which model, so I went to check it out personally.
In other news, Telkom rejected my warranty claim for my other B593 citing no warranty on the LTE trial issue B593's. One word of warning right up front - don't eject or insert the SIM card while the unit is on! The unit is a breeze to setup with all vital info provided on a large label on the port side of the unit.
While WPS is supported, it is turned off by default so a quick visit to the router's config page is required. Another oddity I've discovered is that speeds are bets when right up close, or directly connected, to the B593.

One major gripe, and Huawei are not alone in this, is that there is no app for controlling the B593.
Polokwane Business Directory– a Directory Theme powered by Polokwane Business Directory. Makro offers food, the latest electronics, houseware, camping and outdoor equipment and even liquor. Makro Silver Lakes still had the B593 in stock, but the list price had gone up from R2 299 to R2499. While other functions are supported, I picked up a few WS322 with the sole intention of repeating my wireless signal. For instance, my gaming PC is only 1.5 metres away and, while still on wireless, obtains much much better speeds than my phone or tablet.
Upping this to 100% hardly improved matters so I personally resorted to a repeating strategy. The repeaters are then placed at the peripheral of the WiFi range and configured to repeat the WiFi signal.

Speedtest have always maintained *not* to test speeds over wireless and I guess this is one of the reasons why. Through trial and error I found that by unplugging one or two repeaters, and later plugging them back in, solved the problem.
So it seems that our friend Azi is better informed than even some of the Makro sales staff.
It seems to me that too many WS322 units screws up routing in the network but this is only a hunch.
I had an idea that my B593 LTE CPE may be faulty so it has actually been returned and I've got a new one now.

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