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AnonymousNovember 25, 2014 at 1:17 AMIs it legal for US Mobile to unlock other carriers phones?
Good news: If you want to save a boat-load of money, you can buy a Lumia 521 for $130, then pay $30 per month for unlimited data and texts, plus 100 minutes of talk. The packaging is very thorough in its labeling, and the design is neither minimal nor erratic.
I usually walk into a store already knowing what I am getting, so I have never had any issues.

There is no contract, and you can always add minutes or pay per minute with methods that aren’t reload cards.
She was perfectly friendly and recommended me to grab an extra $30 card to keep the phone ready to go for the next two months.
It is clearly a package designed to be sold in T-Mobile retail stores, as there is no mention of WalMart or their $30 text-and-web plan. Perhaps they would not have the phone in stock despite the contrary being indicated online for this store.

Maybe I’d be waiting half an hour for some associates to bumble around the storage area.

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