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The iPhone 4S is one of the most popular phones that is out on the market at this time so it is no surprise that even people with bad credit have taken an interest in them as well. When thinking about getting an iPhone 4S you should make sure that you want it for the right reasons because it is not going to be an easy road to achieving your goal even though it is something that can be done and others have done before you.
When applying for an iPhone 4S you will have the best luck if you apply with the networks directly.
Motorola is offering discounts on its popular smartphones ones again as well as its accessories. In addition to a regular Motorola promotion, Android Police has provided a Motorola employee promo code MOTOMAKERTYLER that, when it’s used, takes the cost off of a 32GB Nexus 6 to $479 and the 64GB to $529.
Accessories as Moto 360 bands and the Moto Hint Bluetooth headset can also be discounted with this code.

Motorola is well known for offering promotions on its popular products on a regular basis same as for updating phones with the latest versions of Android. However, obviously, we know that people with bad credit have certain limitations on the things that they can do but if an IPhone 4S is something that you really want you should not let your credit history stop you at all.
Obviously, if you go for an older phone you will have a better chance of being approved but an IPhone 4S is a possibility as well. Also, with the same code, the Moto G 8GB model is $149.99, which is $30 off and 16GB model is $40 off. Regardless of being almost a year old smartphone that soon will be replaced with the newest model, the third generation of the phone, the Moto X (2nd Gen.) is still a highly desirable handset for many people and any discount, especially the one that takes $200 off of the phone’s cost, is quite a welcome opportunity to get hold of one. Either way it is a good idea for you to go for the lower costs plan such as those that range between ?20-30.

Contracts that require you to put down a small percentage of the cost of the iPhone 4S are also a great way to go if you have far from perfect credit. For the same cost, customers can get AT&T, Verizon and Republic Wireless variants of the phone. Reducing the cost of the contract for the network you chose to go with will always help your approval rate.

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