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KT, competing with LG U+  over the number two position in the G4 LTE (long-term evolution) service market, has seen its subscribers drop for the seventh consecutive month. Figures made available by the Korea Telecommunications Operators’ Association (KTOA) showed that LG U+ saw the total number of mobile phone users who have so far opted to switch over from rival telecom service providers rise to 726,194 in September.
LG U+ has become the sole company among the three major mobile telecommunications carriers to post net growth for the seventh straight month. KT has become the first Korean telecom provider to usher in an era of broadband long-term evolution-advance (LTE-A).

LG U+ has optimized network quality services on top of its continued development of equipment since the completion of its LTE network covering all parts of the nation. The figure is a small increase from 719,276 in August, but it indicates signs of a cooling-off period, compared to its hovering over a range of 800,000 monthly during the period between May and July. The company attracted 30,994 subscribers from SK Telecom and 24,657 mobile users from KT to chalk up a net rise of 47,379 customers during last month, even if a drain into network-renting carriers for “altteul” cheaper priced phones is factored in.
The company is set to launch a new conception of services that will likely change the way clients enjoy their daily life, rather than being satisfied with the commercialization of its networks.

Despite their massive pitches over LTE and LTE-A services, analysts said, the mobile phone number portability and switching market has suffered a setback due to authorities’ stern crackdowns on excessive mobile phone switching subsidies.

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