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The Communicator allowed all this to be done when partnered with some tricks for mail room management (opening the post). In fact I survived not one, but two burglaries when they even stole my fire-safe with backups therein.
The last Nokia Communicator was the E90, which I have never had because my 9500 Communicators (plural) only died a couple of months ago, which is to say both of them within a week of each other. Then I pressed back into service my Ericsson P900 which is really very poorly and keeps rebooting. I have bought a Nokia Booklet 3G, which has an integrated SIM card slot and connects effortlessly to the Web. As usual Nokia have made a fundamental mistake in crippling their own product, in this case by disabling the sim from making telephone calls so it is data only, though it will do texts, but once online there are much cheaper alternatives for texting. As I say, the data sim allows me to access voip and skype as long as not blocked by the mobile services provider. It is no good if the hardware is worse than obsolete by always suffering catastrophic failure after a period of time due to overheated components.
I need to think about that and thoughts are welcome, because I need to choose a mobile phone for this new era.
This morning I had the dark thought that actually, I just need a mobile phone for phone calls.
I am reconsidering using bluetooth headsets, but still find them unreliable they lose their connections, go flat, have crackly audio, are interfered with by wifi.. It does need to be able to daisy chain "calling card" services though, that would be great.
Winter tyres are softer and have thousands of "sipes", basically "razor slashes" in the rubber to provide grip on ice. 7 deg C or lower and Winter is better grip quicker stopping because the rubber is and remains softer. All-season (Summer) tyres have no grip on snow and ice (flat zero) - just watch the news casts. Winter tyres work not as well above 7 deg C, handling is a little less good (more understeer), but they do work and in normal daily non emergency stop use you will not notice.
Where Summer tyres fail and so chains are required, taking 20 minutes to fit (for two with some practice, ten minutes a pair with a LOT of practice. Winter tyres keep you moving and stopping at 30 to 40 mph on packed snow, overtaking the ones with snow chains.
In short go for smaller and narrower steel wheels because they are stronger than alloy and also allow higher profile narrower tyres. Clearly there are "horses for courses" and at present there is a lot of "hype" "out there", which I think is doing more harm than good. Then we have the accountants who are paying (very often) to be able to support (in accountant terms) the software that is out there. And finally, has anyone noticed how (some or all, not sure) banks offer their CSV files upside down? So pre-setting the bank transactions import process surely does insulate the client from the process, but it also defeats the very reasons for having imports, time and accuracy. Another problem is that the sellers are saying "we do transaction import for xxx banks" and claiming all sorts of benefits, not least happy accountants who no longer need to be paid (!!) so the advertising creates this expectation, whereas then the work is only just beginning and there is still the opportunity to get it all wrong and no means to systematically fix errors. It all started in 1980 with personal computers offering to make everything simple and do it all for you.
This post is of course just a stream of consciousness - I have tens of thousands of hours driving time in spreadsheets, so I have had a great deal of practice.
Incidentally I am not anti one or the other, what I am looking for is appropriate interfaces, not half the job claiming to be all of it when the client really does not understand the issues. For example if you have shares in your own small company and that company suffers loss of value or worse because of a bank, can you as a shareholder claim for your loss or more against the bank? This is about small company shareholders who find their shares have been devalued by the maladministration of a bank, being able to seek redress through the Financial Ombudsman Service. Maladministration is a political term which describes actions which can be seen as causing an injustice. The word "person" is used to include both, whereas "natural person" means a human being; so the distinction clearly appears to be intended by the draughts-people. Interestingly, "maladministration" itself is not defined, whichj leaves it open for banks and institutions to invent as many methods of "bad administration" as they can. From the above my understanding is that the complainant is, or can be, the consumer and not necessarily the "person" in the middle.
So if a bank effectively unfairly disadvantages a consumer shareholder by causing unfair disadvantage to the "other person" then there is proper accountability to the consumer.
It occurs to me that bank maladministration in these circumstances is rare and therefore this issue could be unique in the life of the Financial Ombusdman Service to date. A shareholder does not, indeed can not "act" other than in general meetings of members of a company where they exercise oversight of their investment. Attendance at any company AGM will show the presence of large numbers of consumers side by side with the professionals. Seeing a shareholder as a consumer may be intuitive for the general public and perhaps the only real issue in such a case.
From the above my conclusion is that if the shareholder can indeed be properly classified as a consumer, then a complaint can be available to pursue via the indirect link of "another person". Location independence means making and receiving telephone calls as if at home, while in fact at any location.
The equipment I describe below is intended for fixed location use BUT can be unplugged and moved elsewhere at any time, you can even travel with it if you wish: but doing that I would suggest looking at closer to the leading edge where there are mobile phones these days that will do mobile phone calls, Skype, voip, data and some over 3G or 4G supplier dependent. The basic "trick" box is a Linksys PAP2T (an "ATA" to those who know), just because I have one and know it well - also because Linksys are Cisco as I understand it, just the retail brand so a bit more friendly to set up.
There are many offerings that will do this interface between VOIP and plain old telephone handsets, usually DECT cordless phones.
So this piece is taken from an actual set up being implemented so is offered as an idea of what others (meaning us) are doing.
Our case study person has receive his PAP2T , installed his router and is asking what handset? My acquaintance has emailed me saying he has broadband in place, has received his Linksys PAP2T and wants help choosing a suitable handset. My reply is saying to get a mixed Skype and DECT handset and to plug the DECT through the PAP2T to turn it into VOIP. That is the wire that goes from your Dect base unit into the (one of two) Linksys VOIP socket instead of the wall socket it was intended for. So far the only choice is the one above, because as I am looking at each link it is becoming apparent they are not quite what you want. My own phone is the Linksys CIT400 but it is no longer available, if you see one, buy it, is what I think.
At least one reviewer pointed out that the one they bought would not work as a normal phone if the internet was down, and I was wondering why I had not noticed this as regards the normal phone part of my own.
For emergency purposes and if you do have a plain telephone line socket, it may be considered wise to keep a traditional corded phone plugged in because these will work when all else fails including the electricity supply - as long as the BT line has not failed too. The CIT400 also allows configuration by using a web browser, but really it is so straightforward… I suppose typing in the password with a proper keyboard is a benefit I would appreciate if I did not have it. Bear in mind all these phones lean to being Skype phones, but mine makes "fixed line over voip" (I just invented that decryption) calls perfectly as well and callers have no idea I am not sat at the computer when skipping.
My CIT400 allows a choice of the default for dialling outside line numbers, "normal" phone or Skype out. Final thoughts are: there are a surprising number of power supplies to be plugged in, so the handset charger separate from base unit becomes more important and there are a lot of wires between wall-router-pap2t-dualphonebase. I suppose this is all not for the technologically feint hearted who just want a simple solution. I enjoy working with people like myself who are running their own business, usually as a one man band or close to it.
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An experiment set up by Lewis Peckover, a 28-year-old web systems administrator, called attention to the problem last night.
Congressional candidates who are down in the polls often pull unexpected stunts to try to shake up the race — but even the most cunning strategist would have to question the wisdom of publicizing an unredacted list of phone numbers from people who have called the campaign. After Sanford published his own cell phone number, House Majority PAC, a Democratic-aligned super PAC, included his number in a fundraising email sent Wednesday. Sanford responded Thursday by publishing a list of unredacted phone numbers from anybody who had called his cell phone in an attempt to publicly shame them.
ThinkProgress spoke with three of the people whose numbers appeared on the list – all were surprised and upset to learn their private phone numbers had been published. Thomas, who noted that Sanford did not tell callers that he was going to publish their numbers in this fashion, called the move consistent with his record of dishonesty.
Sanford’s campaign has grown increasingly erratic as polls show him trailing Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, even in the strongly-Republican district.
WHAT DO YOU DO when a large company you are doing business with flatly refuses to obey the law? Everyone who we reported it to was helpful, pleasant and gave us good advice, except T-Mobile.

T-Mobile representatives state that the law only covers the calls made after the phone is reported stolen, but no layman I talked to read it that way, nor did I.
If you couldn’t guess where this is going, they all agreed with my reading and my understanding. All 2.25 lawyers consulted say that Subdivision 1, sentence 2 says that if you notify the cellular company, all subsequent calls are considered unauthorized, but you must suspend the phone. This is so that events like a teenager who racks up a huge bill to his or her out of state significant other can’t simply claim the phone was lost and get out of the bill.
In our case, with years of T-Mobile history, we have never made a call to Mexico, nor do either of us speak Spanish. So, the first problem begins on the 12th when a person called me from office of the president of T-Mobile asking what they could do to help.
Then he repeated the company line, they didn’t have to obey the law, and furthermore it did not say what it clearly does, it only applies to calls made after the phone is deactivated. I told Justin I would call him back when I had talked to my fiancée, and on Friday August 14th, I did. Annoying, especially because the case was open, and my fiancée had been without a phone for more than a week, We now had no hope of resolution in the near future unless we found another contact.
The nice people at customer support told me that there is no way to contact the office of the president, and they could not transfer me. The first time, I was told that Justin had my case, and he was the only one who could help me, I would just have to wait for him to get back and call me.
That wasn’t an option, so I asked to talk to someone at the same office in the hopes of getting this mess resolved quickly. Theresa was getting more and more agitated on the phone when I told her there would be others on the line. Undaunted, I called back, and this time I got a different switchboard operator, and had to explain the situation all over again. When Theresa answered, I explained that I really would like to have Howard on the phone with me because he was a good negotiator, and a lawyer, but not my lawyer.
The operator again told me that Theresa was the only person I could talk to, and then promptly hung up on me. So, not wanting to wait anxiously for the postman to come by in a week or seven, I called 425-378-4000 again. Figuring I wouldn’t get anywhere from my phone at this point, caller ID can be a bitch at times, I called from the office phone. The operator was the same as the last three times I called, the first time was a woman, the last three were the same man. I was told that Theresa was the only person on earth who could possibly help me, and since she had caller ID too, I figured it would be a cold day in hell before she answered the phone when I called. While it was near the end of the day local (CST) time, there was very likely still some time left on the T-Mobile work day. If this sounds like I am making things up, here is my phone record for the day in question. These are pretty standard affidavits and a very standard process yet T-mobile doesn’t seem to even recognize the need or usefulness of such a basic procedure to collect information and reverse unauthorized charges. If the customer is not aware of their rights, they pay fees that T-Mobile is not allowed to charge them. If you want to know more about subscriptions, both free and paid, the information can be found here. The problem with that was the general expectation was that one had no substance if one did not have an office. Fax machines are no longer built in to (any) mobile phones; because it is inconsistent with the 3G Standard, or something like that.
Now I am looking at using an old Nokia Communicator 9210, but really it is desperation as its connectivity is dreadful. It is not recognised as a mobile device when browsing (especially banking) so that's the reason for it - banks cripple their services when accessed by mobile devices.
What this crippling does is drive me to seek out and use online voice systems like Skype and voip generally. I say "the" because I have been roaming for three months, having bought the Booklet 3G in a fit of pique when my Apple Mac Book Pro died on day two of my travels.
And not the Apple cloud, which is slow, hard to use and unreliable (unavailable, like support).
Everything else is in the cloud, I can access that with the Booklet 3G (given I always have had my laptop with me anyway, but not "connected").
There was a Lenovo Netbook that does the same for half the price, but I wanted the Nokia, just because. Fit 4 if you are towing a braked trailer to stop the trailer pushing the rear sideways (yes I have experienced this, t'was dreadful, I phoned a friend I was so terrified descending an Andorran road at slower than walking pace on Summer tyres with second car on a braked trailer attached to the rear on packed snow - long story.).
The client does a great deal of work preparing books and hands it to the accountants who duly ignore it all and start from scratch. In fact it is none of that, it's just the advertising for the product that gave them these beliefs and it suited neither of them, but they had never had that conversation, until I pointed out to the client he was wasting a day a week all year. If you cannot import ALL the transaction's pertinent details, it is defeating the time saving (and 100% accuracy) objective.
This makes working on them un-necessarily difficult, especially when one is not ready for it.
Of course systems have their place, but they can also create unfixable problems by being inflexible, the very aspect that is supposed to provide "control".
Definitions in the handbook are always hyper text linked, so where there is no special definition, the general English language can reasonably be assumed to apply. The point being that the complaint has life through the consumer regardless of the existence or otherwise of "another person" (including company) in between. Which one might consider is as it should be, banks should be accountable and take responsibility for their actions just like everyone else, and not be able to hide behind the fact that for example the intermediary person (i.e. Given the legal persona of a company, shareholders are clearly neither employees and officers nor acting by virtue of being a shareholder within any trade, business or profession.
Outside that investor act (being none of trade, profession, business, vocation, employment or office) a natural person shareholder simply exists as a consumer.
Clearly consumer shareholders have rights and interests (per the glossary of defined terms - see link above) because that is the very nature of shares, and this does not amount to acting in business (to save repeating the list again). I cannot, however, find anywhere any text that excludes shareholders impliedly or expressly by definition, including a short review of Financial Ombudsman Service Ltd newsletters. This keeps the location and setup of the system separated from where you keep the handset - can be a continuing nuisance if base unit is also charger. In this way your choice of telephone handset is not limited by whether it is designed for VOIP, because the Linksys does the VOIP handling and presents to the handset what the handset thinks is just an ordinary phone line socket. I have seen complaints about them as they have grown older, but mine is working perfectly, so I hope that is not "famous last words".
The answer is of course that as I am using the "normal phone part" plugged in to an analogue telephone adapter (ATA, the PAPT2) it too of course does not work when the internet is down. But do not give the number to anyone, because you will regret it when you move (to another country). Of course I cannot use the Skype instant messaging then, but when I go to my Skype on my computer it will simultaneously have any instant messages sent.
Of course I think this is simple, but as geeks everywhere will appreciate, 80 percent of making things simple, is very complicated.
Darla, who shares a home phone with her 80-year-old mother and 91-year-old father expressed concern that they might receive harassing phone calls. On Wednesday, in an homage to Clint Eastwood’s infamous RNC chair speech, Sanford used a campaign stop in Charleston to debate a cardboard cutout of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). T-Mobile did that to us the other day, and now they have taken customer service to a low that is hard to put into words. It stuck us with the charges, and later on literally said they would not abide by the law in Minnesota, the state where I live.
Subdivision 2 is pretty clear, if you don’t give the caller authorization, they are unauthorized. The part about rebuttable presumption is there for your protection, it means that the unauthorized part is assumed, but the phone companies can challenge the fact that the calls are unauthorized. There is nothing in the law that states that only the calls made after the reporting of theft or loss are covered, it is a blanket statement about unauthorized calls. In fact, we were supposedly on the phone to Mexico when we were reporting the missing phone, I was talking directly, and my fiancée was in the background occasionally passing information to the T-Mobile operator. The call only came after I wrote the first story, and was both helpful and worrisome at the same time.
The T-Mobile representative and I chatted on the morning of the 13th, the first time we both had free time. So, it was off to T-Mobile’s main customer support line, oxymoron I know, for another contact at the same office. Luckily, this page is a good starting point, call 1-877-290-6323 and use extension 341-80xx where xx is any two digit number, start low.
My fiancée would just have to put her life on hold until T-Mobile decides to call sometime, if ever.
When I put her on speaker phone with Howard, my fiancée and myself, Theresa hung up on us.

I forgot Theresa’s name, and he helpfully found out who I had talked to, and got me back to her extension. If you have ever hung around lawyers, you will not be surprised when they identify themselves as such, and state their intentions. When I called 425-378-4000 and identified myself, I asked for someone in the same office, the way I did the time before, and was told that the only person I could talk to was Theresa.
You can’t email or fax them a police report, and there is no way to fill any form out. Illegal seems like it doesn’t apply, unethical is far too mild, so there seems to be no word that is directly applicable. If the customer is aware, they literally get denial, then a run-around, finally capped with getting hung up on. Clearly as the last post was about the Nokia Communicator it is quite some time since anything at all. This meant it was necessary to give the impression of having an office, and it had to be in depth. That means I am no longer tied to "Communicators" and in fact fax no longer has its command because it is nearly, though notably not quite obsolete.
It replaces the Communicator with what amounts to a "Netbook", though Nokia do not like the term. It does not force me to buy a phone, which is apparently why they crippled their Booklet 3G. Originally I thought "ok, so I change over at 7 deg C, until I realised that one fall of snow with Summer tyres is lethal whereas one warm day without snow using Winter tyres is trivial. Perhaps the most common statement one hears from clients is the client wants to use whatever systems or methods will help their accountant most.
It means it is not necessary to type each transaction into the computer (into whatever system). I have added this section to emphasise how fundamental an alteration to our normal understanding of the application of our laws is effected by allowing complaints to cover indirectly affected consumers.
For the record I can not offer suggestions for possible types of complainant beyond "eligible" or "ineligible". This so states that the link between the consumer and the respondent does not have to be direct, it means the consumer can be a person who has rights or interests derived from or otherwise attributable to the use of services by another person. I do not believe shareholder meetings can be categorised as acting within a trade, profession, business, vocation, employment or office because they are enacting oversight of their investment, which is not a trade, profession, business, vocation, employment or office. Clearly the professionals are expected to know what they are doing and consumer protection is not extended to them. Ordinary shareholders are not in business, they are investors, which statutes expressly distinguish from trading in business, professions, vocations or employments or offices. Of course conversely all this does mean you can actually take up one of the "no phone" offers that are coming on to the market. When we woke up hours later and realized it was gone, we started calling companies to report the losses.
T-Mobile customer service would not look up the law online to verify that they were in the wrong, and would not obey it until they were specifically instructed to do so by T-Mobile’s legal department.
Subdivision 1 sentence 1 is also pretty clear, if the calls are unauthorized, the customer is not liable.
Previously, I had three T-Mobile people tell me that they had no intention of following the law, and got nowhere by explaining the situation to them.
On Monday, we called again, and discovered that Justin went on vacation, and there was no other contact to call for help.
Better yet, call their main switchboard at 425-378-4000 and ask for the office of the president. He is a much better negotiator, and detached from the miserable behavior of T-Mobile, basically a clear head in the midst of large servings of stupidity. Generally, only criminals don’t like witnesses, and she was there to help sort things out, right?
I told the operator that since she refused to talk to me the last time, and then hung up on me, twice. Again, customer care will not transfer you to them, will not give out their number, and won’t acknowledge their existence unless you know about the office of the president and specifically ask about it. That is okay, mainly because the company steadfastly refuses to obey the law that protects consumers in the event of a stolen phone, so proving that it was stolen is pointless circular logic to it. He is a technologist and analyst specializing in semiconductors, system and network architecture. They could also daisy chain "Calling card" services for landline price calls from a mobile phone.
Physical mail handling at the address or via the address on the letterhead, indeed a letterhead, "proper" signatures on faxes.
In fact I used to physically remove the hard disk from its purpose built "slide mount" (meaning it slid out of the desktop) and insert it into my laptop.
Most email-to-fax (as opposed to fax-to-email, the difference is very significant) systems work these days - though not all, some fail when met with "silent fax" responses. And offering to replace it is useless, because it contains all my backup data which will be lost on exchange, as well as going heaven knows where.
The fastest way to do that is to bulk analyse (code if you like), including doing the vat and then import into the system. Such an alteration means that our standard evaluations and assumptions require careful re-examination in these cases. If the type of relationship is not listed, then an eligible complainant becomes ineligible. Allowing this would be to allow banks to cover their tracks by bankrupting their customers.
Again a professional exercising their profession would be different and make that shareholder not a consumer. Most consumers being unaware will not be persuaded by the actions of a bank and so this situation will arise rarely, indeed taken with that, the banks one hopes do not often maladminister things, see the long list above. The time from the break-in to reporting the thefts was less than eight hours, but that was more than enough to run up multi-hour calls to Mexico and Honduras and put charges on the credit cards. I guess they have caller ID at the T-Mobile switchboard, this time they didn’t even say hello before they hung up on me.
Readers, please note, if you call T-Mobile for service more than four times, that appears to be too much for them, even if they hung up on you the last four times. As of this writing, near the end of the next work day, T-Mobile has not contacted me in any way. It is charging consumers for things that are clearly against the law to bill over, at least in Minnesota.
Faxes that looked like they were copies of physical documents, and so including the aforementioned letterhead with address. In that case a high-fi set of wireless headphones and the internal Booklet 3G mic - which is excellent, better than every external device I have tried, say all my callers without exception.
So I now look to ensure I have Winter tyres until I am sure there will be no more snow, and I fit in the first place when the temperatures drop to 7 deg c, bearing in mind snow falls at -2 deg C. However, the complainant is as defined elsewhere, including consumers and indeed others, such as trusts, charities and small companies. So for example acting as a stockbroker or other trader in securities could be for purposes inside their trade or profession etc, but that requires skills for the trading of shares. The FSA exists to regulate financial services surrounding financial instruments and no one is suggesting that buying a financial instrument including shares, is sufficient to stop a consumer being a consumer.
He told me that the company was wrong to charge me for the call, singular, that was billed after I reported the phone stolen, but the ones before were still mine to pay, no exceptions. If you have a big enough voice, they will send someone to try and shut you up, nicely, so others don’t get wind of the story.
In fact I rotated two (or was it three?) hard disks so as to maintain a rolling backup system, with one disk always "off site" (i.e. I literally have a pile of them as well as a dead Time Capsule (backup device) that also fried itself to death. So even in the home, the Booklet 3G is proving to be a very effective voice communication device - or phone.
Because otherwise it takes just as long to enter the vat details, rates and analysis codes (what things were for) as it would if we were also typing in the name date and amount - I mean, the difference is seconds.
This is clearly contrary to the Minnesota law above that went into effect on August 1, 2009. A customer is not liable for cellular phone charges imposed by a wireless service provider that result from the unauthorized use of the customer’s cellular phone. There is a rebuttable presumption that any use of a cellular phone after the wireless service provider has been notified that the phone is lost or stolen is unauthorized, provided that the customer agreed to suspend use of the wireless device.
Graham Cluley, of security firm Sophos, said that the flaw had actually existed for around two years.

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