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The $50 plan has unlimited talk, text and first 1 GB of 4G LTE data (previously was 500 MB). The $60 plan has unlimited talk, text and first 3 GB of 4G LTE data (previously was 2.5 GB). The $70 plan has unlimited talk, text and first 5 GB of 4G LTE data (previously data were unthrottled). The $70 monthly plan used to be truly unlimited so it’s good that customers which are on this plan are grandfathered. T-Mobile has made a very smart marketing move by offering kids ride free on the family plan.
T-Mobile, who still has the nicest brand color palette on the market, has locked up the phrase “The Family Network” with its logo in print advertising in NY, yet the website still publishes “Stick Together” as the corporate line. Computer Sciences just announced a merger with the call center and enterprise services businesses of HP Enterprise (recently split off from the HP computer business). Google Home would have been an okay name had it been the first offering to market — a nice segue from its web search engine.

What do Google and Amazon have in common?  Google puts the world’s information one click away. After Verizon Wireless announced its new unlimited plans, T-Mobile has just answering that strategy bye lowering the price of some phones. Some of the changes are good like more data for the same price but some of them are downgrading like throttling data that ones were truly unlimited. The $30 monthly plan includes 100 voice minutes, unlimited text and first 5 GB at up to 4G speeds. They can keep unlimited unthrottled data as long as they keep their service active or don’t switch plans. And carving out a space as the “family” network is quite doable, but it will take more than one price promotion and some cutting and pasting. I’m not sure what they will call the entity but wouldn’t be surprised if it was named Computer Sciences.
Good question.  As someone who worked at advertising agencies and made mistakes I know what it’s like to get reamed out.

T-Mobile adds more data to its $50 and $60 monthly plans while at the same time, data on its previously truly unlimited $70 plan are now throttled after 5GB. This plan works only with phones purchased at Walmart or those activated on T-Mobile’s website.
I know what it’s like to make thousand dollar mistakes. I have scar tissue on my back from run-ins with creative people.
It’s certainly an intuitive name and will act as a nice hub name for all other IOT devices, but lacks panache. However, the option of truly unlimited data still exists but costs customers $80 per month.

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