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TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network overhauled its prepaid plan offerings. TracFone Wireless owned prepaid operator Simple Mobile, which operates on T-Mobile network, is running a great deal for its existing and new customers. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network has made some changes to its unlimited nationwide and extended international plans. T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile has lowered the cost of two of its high-priced 10GB plans, the $60 Unlimited Plan and the $70 Unlimited International Plan. T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile has increased high speed data allotments to a number of its plans. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network has recently introduced a phone upgrade program.
TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network has doubled the high speed data allotments on its top plans.
Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile’s network has improved its wireless broadband plans. For $25 per month, users are eligible to 250 nationwide minutes and unlimited messaging (text, picture and video).
At least, now, data packages offer more data for the same price. Starting April 22, what  was 10 MB of data and 50? per MB for data overuse for $5 per month, will be 50 MB and 25? per MB for overuse. You need mobile cell phone plans to operate the incredible mobile devices available on today’s market. Tethering is connecting to the internet with other mobile devices via your mobile phone, while away from your Wi-Fi or LAN. Sprint – They do have unlimited plans, but there are some limitations in coverage and processing speed.  The costs start at $110 a month, and go up per device.

The carrier has introduced new Unlimited Plans that join features from the two previously available set of plans, Unlimited Nationwide and the Extended International plans. Simple Mobile Holiday Promotion gives a FREE $60 Truly Unlimited promotional plan for customers who buy a new phone. Simple Mobile doubles high speed data on the $40 nationwide plan, which now includes 4GB of high speed data instead of 2GB and adds international features (calls, text and data from Mexico and unlimited international calling to mobiles in Mexico, Canada, China and India and other landline destinations).
The $60 plan that includes unlimited talk, text, international texting and data with first 10 GB at high speeds now costs $55 per month. Firstly, Simple Mobile increases data on monthly plans with 1 GB of high speed data to 2 GB: the $40 Unlimited Nationwide plan, $50 Unlimited International plan and all three Phone Upgrade Unlimited plans.
The program offers special Phone Upgrade Unlimited Plans that enable customers to earn points toward discounts on phones every time customers top-up their plans.
The $60 unlimited plan and the $70 unlimited international plan that used to include 5 GB of high speed data per month now offer 10GB of 4G LTE data. Now that GoPhone data packages are available on monthly plans only, their only option is to switch to one of the two available prepaid monthly plans, $25 and $50 plan. Minutes used over the allotment will be charged at 10c per minute while unused minutes will not rollover. On $15 data package, from 100 MB of data and 15? per MB for data overuse, it will be 200 MB and 7.5? per MB for overuse. Now that that possibility is gone, to most of them it just isn’t paying off to switch to a monthly plan and pay for something they don’t need. Understanding what the new smart phones can do, and what they need to do it with, can be a bit daunting.  In this article we will look at the capabilities of the newest mobile phones and the  plans you’ll need to help them run smoothly.
The current mobile phone service providers compete on a grand scale to sell you a cell phone plan, one that keeps you locked into their company for usually 2 years.

There are 3 smartphones available for this promo, ZTE Whirl 2, Huawei Magna and ZTE Unico LTE.
Customers can now use talk, text and data included in their international plans in Mexico as they would do it in the US. The $70 unlimited international plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, international texting and data with first 10 GB at high speeds (LTE data) plus unlimited calls to 10 unique numbers per month to landlines in 47 countries and to mobiles in China and India is now available for $65 per month.
Secondly, monthly plans that used to have 3 GB of high speed data now include 4 GB: the $50 monthly Unlimited Nationwide plan and $60 Unlimited International plan. A $50 unlimited monthly plan provides unlimited nationwide talk, unlimited messaging as well as unlimited international texting (Mexico, Canada and 100 other countries).
And, what  was 500 MB of data and 5? per MB for data overuse for $25 per month, will be 1 GB and 2.4? per MB for overuse. America Movil’ CEO Daniel Hajj has earlier announced that “people from TracFone will roam also in Mexico”, in the similar way as their postpaid Telcel customers in Mexico roam in the USA with new “No Borders” (Sin Fronteras) Plan.
Simple Mobile has also recently added unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls to Mexico, also unlimited only for up to 10 unique numbers. Customers who have been misled by TracFone subsidiaries as Straight Talk, NET10, Simple Mobile and Telcel America in any way, whose ‘unlimited data’ were throttled between 1 and 3 gigabytes without any explanation, whose data were cut off entirely after reaching 4 or 5 gigabytes or for even losing their service completely (talk, text, and data) in some cases, are eligible to getting their money back. Simple Mobile is a TracFone subsidiary so hopefully we can expect that other TracFone owned carriers as Straight Talk, Net10 and Page Plus Cellular will also gain this feature soon.

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