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Virgin Mobile Samsung Restore is carrier’s first eco-friendly phone, which adds to the excitement of the users who want to go green.
Samsung Restore meets strict RoHS3 standards in which only small level of environmentally sensitive materials as PVC, BFRs, Phthalates, Beryllium are allowed in product.
Virgin Mobile Samsung Restore offers some rather basic features that don’t permit too much of Internet activities.
Also, speakerphone as well as stereo Bluetooth is included to use it as a wireless ear pieces and hands-free car stereo phone system (one of the options). If you are eco-friendly consumer that is satisfied with what Virgin Mobile Samsung Restore is all about, than you cannot go wrong with this phone.
Tracfone LG 290c is a slide-style phone with slider mechanism that feels solid and durable. However, some users do not want to waste their minutes on the web browsing but still accidentally press the browser shortcut and the unwanted happens.
With a 1.3 megapixel camera (1280?960) some quite sharp and quality photos of your surroundings can be taken but you will not be able to record a video. Also this phone has Bluetooth and GPS that can be used from Google Maps, Latitude, Places, and Scvngr but what it doesn’t have is mobile hot-spot capabilities. Seems like the LG Optimus V has everything that an entry-level Android smartphone suppose to have. The main attraction goes to the 3.2-inch capacitive touch screen display, very responsive that supports 262,000 colors and 320-480 pixel resolution.
On the other hand, a list of features that this entry-level Android is capable of doing is long.
This quad-band GSM phone is the one that provides basic service almost anywhere in the world. This earth-friendly messaging phone is available for $79.99, requires no credit checks, activation fees and no contract.
It has a 2.4 inches screen size that’s capable of doing portrait and landscape oriented display. With a 2 megapixel camera and video camcorder you can take memorable pictures and videos and store them on microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB. All phone build actually feels that way and that is something that satisfies the users the most. However, seems that Bluetooth also wasn’t meant to allow data transfer (like sending your pictures to the computer or even better, transferring audio files and pictures from computer to your phone for using them as ringtones and wallpapers), but there is a way for unlocking this feature too. Also, voice recorder, voice dialing, hands-free speaker, standard organization tools, picture messaging are available at Tracfone LG 290c.

It operates on CDMA 1900MHz networks, which provides users with reliable wireless communication. Many Google apps and features as a Google search bar (with voice search), Google Talk, Gmail and Google Calendar sync are available as well as a few third-party apps like Where, Scvngr, Twidroyd, Poynt, AirG Chat and Virgin Mobile Live for streaming music from Virgin Mobile Festival artists(free), with the LG Optimus V.
In that extra memory you will be able to store pretty good quality pictures and videos taken by a 3.2-megapixel camera and built-in camcorder as well as music that unfortunately, will not come from the Amazon MP3 Store app (since the LG Optimus V doesn’t come with it) , but from the Android Marketplace. Even though the phone has only a 600MHz processor, only minor delays when navigating the phone are reported. Another thing that lacks, lacks for both and that is inability to play Flash video in the browser.
Some of them, as voice dialing over Bluetooth, app sharing and phonebook integration with Facebook and Twitter contacts, are typical for running on Android 2.2 (Froyo). This is quite limiting data plan if we compare it to the Virgin Mobile’s LG Optimus V that goes with unlimited data for just $25 a month. Many Google services like Gmail, Google Latitude, Google Maps, Google Places, Google Talk, Google search with Voice and YouTube are available.
What’s more, even the packaging is planed on being made of 100% recycled plastic, which is half less than previous package so that adds too a lot on being eco-friendly. Samsung Restore is equipped with four-row slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which makes it a full-feature messaging tool. It features a slide-out, standard 12-key numeric keypad, as well as four shortcut keys for composing a text message, viewing images, camera and calendar. After that go to the restrictions menu option, enter the lock code again and hit Data>Lock. Also, you will have access to social sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as to My Accounts app for keeping track of your minutes.
The phone also comes with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, combo charger, USB cable and 2GB microSD memory card.
On the other side, at the bottom of the home screen, there are shortcuts for the phone dialer, the phonebook, the main menu, the messaging app and the shortcut for browser. However, Flash videos still can be played, but through YouTube or third-party applications.
Also, a 600MHz processor may sound a little, but in practice, it supplies quite smooth and flawless navigation. However, since Virgin Mobile runs on CDMA and you need a GSM prepaid Android phone, than go with LG Thrive because it’s a good enough offer. Considering wireless connection, LG Thrive has it all; stereo Bluetooth, GPS capability, Wi-Fi and portable hot-spot ability for connecting up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

The Samsung Restore is equipped with standard 1140 mAh battery that should last up to 6 hours of continuous talk time. Also, it comes with Tracfone’s prepaid plans and Double  Minutes For Life, so every minute you add to your airtime is doubled for as long as you own the phone. The interesting thing is that LG Thrive looks exactly as Phoenix but don’t let that trick you, because those two are actually the same phone.
It does have that slender, attractive and soft touch look and feel to it, but the slight difference is in the placement of its android buttons.
For mobile navigator use apps Google Maps or Virgin Navigator’s with turn-by-turn voice directions for finding your way easier.
However, if you make some adjustments and lower some settings down as vibrate mode, backlight settings, your battery life will last longer. Its weight of 4.1 ounces make this phone feel slightly heavier but at the same time compact so it’s not all for bad. Even though it does not play Flash video in the browser due to the hardware lacking, you will still be able to play Flash videos with YouTube and third party apps. So if you pay $49.99 and sign a two-year contract, you will be getting the same phone but under different name of Phoenix. AT&T coverage can be a little spotty as loading pages were taking sometimes more and sometimes less time. The display on the screen has not that much problem with the distortion when viewed from the side as LG 600G for example, but is rather bright and sharp. Also LG Thrive offers a custom LG virtual keyboard with slightly larger keys as an alternative to the default Android keyboard. And what might be a very important detail about LG 290c design for some users is that there is no word “TracFone” anywhere on the outside of the phone so you cannot tell it’s a prepaid phone. Home screen design looks as expected, in a gradient of red to black colors which are Virgin Mobile colors with a few built-in Virgin Mobile apps. Android keyboard is a little cramped but that’s the only two choices that you will have because the phone doesn’t offer the Swype as other cell phones.

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