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Even though the shutting down of Sprint’s iDEN network was announced for sometime in 2013, the plan is changed, according to a leaked newsletter from a Sprint employee, provided by BriefMobile.
The complete shutting down of iDEN network won’t happen right away in any market but will be reduced. To affected users, Sprint will offer attractive options to migrate to its CDMA network and new CDMA devices for just 99?.
This way, Sprint will reduce operating costs that would lead further to improving its 3G and building out its 4G LTE network and overall to increasing efficiency.
My i776 boostmobile iden phone has full bars but no available features for two days now, no phone, no text, no internet, and no walkie talkie. AT&T owned Cricket Wireless announced today that it will offer the Deezer music streaming service instead of Muve Music. Cricket Wireless continues to improve its offerings in order to meet customers’ needs regardless of agreeing last week to be acquired by AT&T.
Cricket Wireless has said today that it plans to spin Muve Music off as a separate business from wireless part to be able to offer it to other companies that might want to license it. Only few days ago, Cricket has made major announcements related to launch of number of LTE markets, release of LG Optimus Regard – first LTE smartphone, announcement of Samsung Galaxy S III for November 23 and introduction of new LTE monthly service plans. Cricket’ awarded Muve Music service in short time gained around 600.000 subscribers while CD Baby is the world’s largest online distributor of independent music.
Huawei Mercury is one of the better Cricket’s Android smartphones that’s been initially released with no access to Muve Music service. A month ago, Jeff Toig, senior vice president of Muve Music, said for FierceMobileContent that they were thinking about Cricket licensing Muve Music to foreign carriers. Award-winning Muve Music service has been added to the fifth Cricket’s phone, Huawei Ascend II. If you are looking for an entry to midrange Android smartphone that runs on Sprint network and offers music service at the affordable price, look for the ZTE Score on sale this week. Cricket’s seventh smartphone ZTE Score, with Muve Music service, will be available for purchase on September 25th for $129.99. Consumer Cellular, number 1 rated cell phone service in US three years in a row, is always striving to make life easier to its customers. In order to use this service, after purchasing Wireless Home Phone base, which costs $35, users only need to plug their corded or cordless telephone to it, and connect power supply. TracFone’s subsidiary Straight Talk Wireless is running a promotion for customers who bring their own phone and switch to their service.
Plans on which customers can activate their own GSM phone are $45 unlimited and $60 unlimited international monthly plans.
Straight Talk is offering free month of service with T-Mobile’s regular SIM card that works on phones as the Samsung Galaxy S2, iPhone 3 and HTC Desire.
Straight Talk BYOD switch promotion for T-Mobile network-compatible handsets is available for a limited time only.
Sprint MVNO FreedomPop known for offering free service to its customers has ones again announced its plans to expand to Europe by offering its service first to the United Kingdom this summer.
For those who need more minutes, texts and data than free service is providing, paid plans will be available as well. In addition, FreedomPop announced a new service Jetsetter that will offer a free SIM with 100 MB of data roaming in the UK, Spain and France for $10 per month. Initially, FreedomPop’s service in Europe will be SIM-based only but later this year, the company will make it possible for users to buy smartphones and tablets.

HTC Freestyle’s premium design with aluminum unibody housing leaves the impression of sturdiness in the hand. HTC Freestyle runs on Brew Mobile Platform with its Sense user-friendly interface, so getting used to it shouldn’t be a problem. Since Freestyle is advertised as the quick messaging phone, apps that add a lot to that epithet are HTC Sense with its customization options as well as FriendStream, application that keeps up with all the social network updates from Facebook and Twitter in one place, so that you know what’s up, without actually going on those sites. This phone also features a full HTML browser that allows web browsing like on PC but the resolution does not quite follow.
Multitude of third party applications installed on HTC Freestyle threatens to be a bloatware. HTC Freestyle also features messaging options that beside text and picture messaging, include instant messaging and AT&T Mobile E-mail. To recap, this phone is not a smartphone and is refurbished, but still offers plenty of smartphone-like features for no contract and pay as you go deals, so keep that in mind when thinking about this phone. Sprint starts shutting down iDEN network in April this year and users with Boost iDEN phones will be affected.
On number of towers, iDEN service will be turned off but that won’t affect outdoor iDEN coverage, meaning coverage on the street or in the car. Boost’s customers, since prepaid, can migrate to Sprint CDMA network at no costs but the question is how to replace the existing device with another one, also walkie-talkie, but CDMA phone. I am beginning to believe Boost Mobile IDEN subscribers without any warning like in my case.
Muve Music service is available only to Cricket’s legacy customers but the carrier has said that complete shutdown of Muve Music is scheduled for February 7.
This prepaid carrier has introduced new Phone Payment Plan, the Muve Music 4.0 and two new smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Discover. The company feels, according to Bill Ingram, EVP of Strategy for Leap Wireless that many carriers would want to license Muve Music ones it’s not offered by the competitor. Now, Cricket launches ZTE Groove, an entry-level Android smartphone with all the necessary features that users might need in order to enjoy web and music at the affordable price. Cricket Muve Music and CD Baby have signed an agreement in which Muve Music customers will gain access to 4 million new tracks while CD Baby will gain access to 600.000 Muve Music customers. Now, Huawei Mercury gets Muve Music service through an over-the-air upgrade and anyone who wants access to this unlimited music service can download it. Chief Executive Doug Hutcheson also said last week that many abroad carriers with prepaid offer took notice of Cricket’s Muve Music service success. So far, Muve Music service has been integrated to Samsung Vitality, ZTE Score, ZTE Chorus and Samsung Suede but now, with this addition, Cricket customers gain access to this very popular feature through one of the best selling phones for Cricket.
ZTE Score is freshly released Android-powered smartphone for Cricket Wireless with Muve Music service for unlimited music downloads. This time, Cricket customers will be able to get this phone in Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores across the country and in weeks to come, the offer will be available with other retailers as well. Device also has a battery that allows up to 3.5 hours of calling, or up to 36 hours on stand by. Straight Talk BYOD Switch promotion provides free SIM card that’s T-Mobile compatible and 30 days of free service on $45 unlimited plan. Both plans include unlimited talk, text and 5GB of high speed data (after that data speeds are reduced to 2G speeds or approximately 64 Kbps) while $60 unlimited international plan adds to it unlimited mobile to mobile calling to Mexico, China, India and Canada, and unlimited calls to select international landline destinations. The carrier is also offering free month of service and T-Mobile micro SIM card that’s compatible with phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, iPhone 4 and 4s, LG G Flex and LG G2.

The service will run on the Three UK network via MVNE (mobile virtual network enabler) Xmobility. Included in the service will be ability to rollover unused data, to browse the web anonymously in order to protect users’ online privacy as well as a second phone number for family and friends that will be able to call from more than 60 countries at local rates. You have the feel that it could handle a fall here and there even if it is smaller from company’s previous smartphones. The virtual keyboard is small, has black background, but the biggest problem of all is that you must switch the orientation manually, because the phone has no accelerometer, a device built into the phone that “tells” the phone which way it is being held up.
It keeps it all organized by grouping all messages, emails, texts, tweets and status updates from one person, for easy viewing and accessing.
In addition, Bluetooth, GPS, PC syncing, USB mass storage, the standard 3.5mm headset jack, an FM radio are available whereas feature like Wi-Fi is missing. There was some hiss and some static at times but overall, the voice quality as well as reception of HTC Freestyle passed the test. The Deezer service, on the other hand, will launch on January 31 and will offer Cricket customers access to 35 million songs and to over 30,000 radio stations worldwide. Only a year after it was first launched, this service has gained more than 500.000 subscribers.
This device allows users, in combination with their existing Consumer Cellular service, to completely eliminate their landline telephone bill.
However, customers need to purchase a 30 day service plan first for activation and then to receive a free month of service. FreedomPop will launch free mobile service that includes 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data each month. The service will expand additionally to over 20 countries and will work on all unlocked GSM handsets. So to enjoy using HTC Freestyle, all you need to do is to refill your account online, with prepaid cards or directly from your phone with the amount of your choice.
All other are just there to trick you to free downloads but than automatically lead to monthly charges, if you don’t cancel in time. HTC Freestyle is equipped with 150 MB storage, and a microSD card slot for up to 32GB of additional storage.
Users will also have free unlimited calls and texts between each other and free international calling to over 60 countries. It features 3.2-inch glass capacitive display with a 320-by-480-pixel that provides crystal-clear resolution. I paid for a full month on March 1st and they haven’t even offered to upgrade, cancel, or refund my unused 3 weeks of a month of prepaid service. Wireless home phone device transfers all calls from and to landline number over Consumer Cellular network. However if you feel like downloading any extra games and apps you can do it on AT&T AppCenter. Wireless Home Phone device doesn’t support internet service, texting, multimedia message services (MMS), data tethering, DVR services, media alert services or credit card machines.

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