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The cost of entry into many online marketing opportunities is incredibly low – which makes it easy to overextend yourself. Municipalities and townships are two entities that can benefit from the implementation of a mass texting service.
More and more, people are using search engines like Google to find and research local businesses with which to do business. Now your mobile marketing campaigns can include image messages to your clients as well as texts!
I had a chance to do some volunteer business mentoring for young entrepreneurs this past summer. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Franchise Gator as part of their Expert Interview program. Text message coupons are permission-based so you need to make sure that you give your customers a good reason to opt-in and receive your deals.
If you want your customers to act on your mobile coupon, you need to catch them on the move and create a sense of urgency. Text coupons have the ability to communicate directly with your customers and engage with your business.

Another way to start a conversation with your customers is to ask them what kinds of deals they are interested in. The redemption rate of mobile coupons is nearly 25 percent higher than printed internet coupons and roughly 10 times greater than mail or newspaper distributed coupons at a fraction of the cost.
Adam Arnold is the Business Development Manager at Call-Em-All, a Text Message Marking tool. Local Mobile Advertising and Promotions Forecast, text message marketing spend was $90 million in 2009 and is expected to hit $6.52 billion in the next four years. One way to do this is to offer customers an incentive while they are already engaged with your product. Keep it short and simple – avoid random numbers, hyphens, underscores, or any other symbols that customers might forget to insert. First, auto-replies are a must when sending text coupons as they are the first step toward creating more meaningful and advantageous customer relationships. For example, a burger place can send a text that says, “Lunch deal of the day – would you rather have a free burger or two free side items with the purchase of a combo meal? Mobile promotions can do more than just increase sales for your business, they can also create more meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers.

Yet despite this rapid growth, text message marketing, particularly text message coupons are still very much in their infancy. An invitation to text a keyword to a short code is a welcome diversion when waiting in line to buy a movie ticket or if you’re sitting in a car wash.
Text ‘burger’ or ‘side’ to vote.” By asking your customers what they want, you aren’t just learning more about them, you’re creating a thread of conversation that will invariably lead to a more loyal customer base.
Although most businesses are fully aware of the marketing potential of text message couponing (namely its ability to reach customers anywhere, at anytime, with any message) many marketers still have not found effective ways of harvesting that potential and transforming it into sales. Check out our case study, highlighting how one of our customers used text marketing to boost sales in his restaurant.

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