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In the coming year, how important will it be for the small to mid-sized manufacturer to access real-time business information quickly and securely via a smart phone or other device?
The manufacturers we team with are finding it necessary to move beyond the confines of their desk, warehouse, shop floor, workstation or production line.
A company’s Director of Quality, Supply Chain Manager, production worker, shipping personnel and other staff are finding it increasingly more convenient and appealing to use their mobile devices to monitor what’s happening in real time throughout the entire enterprise. This refers to the phenomenon of the computerization of IT.  BYOD reflects the widely adopted practice of employees who bring their own Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops and other devices to connect to a corporate network. In the case of ERP, data sensitivity and security must be considered.  That’s why we see manufacturers grappling with security issues, even as they seek convenient real-time mobile access to ERP system data.
Data integration, mobile access to business intelligence reporting,  mobility-enhanced interfaces all come into play here.  The question to consider for 2013 is: how can vendors effectively bring ERP onto mobile devices? Given these considerations, we were interested to see these selected vendor announcements this past year related to mobile ERP data access.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP Mobile Sales gives mobile access to manufacturing reps for customer, product, and order history information from an organization’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. ERP mobile application technology from IQMS delivers real-time manufacturing, MES and ERP information to smart phones, PDAs, tablets, forklift mounted monitors, etc., available whenever and wherever the user needs it.
Advanced Mobile for Infor ERP SX provides pre-built configurations and integrations for Mobile Order & Inventory Management. Cloud ERP vendor Plex Systems now offers the ability to access and manipulate data through smart phones including iOS and Android operating systems.
CoreLogic, the leader in the MLS system arena, while offering various web apps over the past several years for their different MLS products, now partner with Doapp to supply mobile native apps (apps for specific mobile devices, i.e.

Will this trend continue with other MLS vendors that  have shied away from internal native app development?
If mobile technology is the future of MLS and MLS vendors are really not leading that charge today what  does that tell us about how MLS systems may change in the not too distant future? Fifteen years ago building an MLS system was a daunting prospect.  Today, advances in technology have certainly made it much easier to play in that arena. If users get to the point where they are spending all of their time accessing MLS data through a mobile device, how important will the legacy MLS system be?
Does Mobile MLS Technology, and the migration of our user base to mobile access, present an opportunity for a new vendor, perhaps one of the better 3rd party mobile providers or some other player, to actually enter the MLS space and grab market share? Mobile is the new core technology.  Think out 3 -5 years.  How many agents do you think will be using mobile devices as their primary access device?  Is your MLS positioned for these changes? The application supports both batch and wireless synchronization back to Infor ERP SX.enterprise. Current applications supported are workflow, user support, corporate directory, expense tracking and contacts. Most have offered some form of web app (mobile browser access) and some of these, apps, are pretty decent and even offer some deeper integration with the MLS system.
In fairness, today’s MLS systems are deep, full featured systems that would not be easy to build on a whim, and many underestimate the years of development that have gone into making these systems work for our MLSs and how customized they are to meet the real needs of brokers and agents.  But, as brokers and agents become more and more mobile and more and more of the data can be easily displayed instantaneously on mobile devices, how important will this deep functionality be?  In the end, MLS is all about finding and presenting data and the more that comes to the surface, and is made easier by strong mobile technology, the more at risk traditional MLS will be.
Additional applications are expected to be rolled out in 2013 as user feedback is compiled and assessed. It will be interesting to see how things look three years from now and how this will impact our current MLS vendors.  Stay tuned and please contact us if we can help you sort things out!

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Carr brings over 40 years experience helping manufacturing and distribution companies improve their information systems.
Mobile is no longer an up and comer – Its here in full force and it is growing at an elaborate rate. Beyond websites, application developers have begun to succeed by going with mobile first and desktop browser second. We are striving to facilitate info lookup and knowledge acquisition based on strict and accurate classification. His career has been dedicated toward building organizations that improving business processes. If MLSs and consumers really embrace a new mobile platform, be it Solid Earth or something we haven’t seen yet, there is going to be some major scrambling to catch up and we all know that takes time. His organizations have helped over over 1,200 manufacturing enterprises improve their business processes.

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