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Phien b?n m?i Proshow Producer 4.5 du?c b? sung them hang tram hi?u ?ng d?ng va giup b?n t?o slideshow ?nh c?c nhanh ma khong kem ph?n chuyen nghi?p. D? “tr? l?c” cho ngu?i dung chua co nhi?u kinh nghi?m, Proshow Producer 4.5 tang cu?ng them trinh thu?t si giup t?o nhanh m?t slideshow ?nh chuyen nghi?p ma khong m?t nhi?u th?i gian ch?nh s?a. D?n bu?c 3, b?n ch? vi?c nh?p chu?t vao ten m?t ch? d? ap d?ng cho toan slideshow nhu: m?u chuc m?ng sinh nh?t, m?u c? di?n, m?u k? ni?m ngay cu?i,… Khi?m khuy?t c?a chuong trinh la khong hi?n th? khung xem th? m?u giao di?n d? b?n l?a ch?n d? dang hon. B?n d?t ten slideshow vao o Name Your Show, keo thanh tru?t t?i m?c Tune the Energy Level d? quy d?nh m?c d? trinh chi?u slideshow hay th?i gian chi?u t?ng ?nh (m?c Low la ch?m, m?c High la nhanh). Sau khi ch?n Publish Your Show, h?p tho?i Create Output li?t ke cac d?nh d?ng ma b?n co th? ap d?ng, nhu ghi ra DVD, dia Blu-ray, chia s? len YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, chen vao website b?ng ma HTML, file t? ch?y (PC Executable), xu?t thanh nhi?u d?nh d?ng video thong d?ng nhu AVI, MPEG, OGG, WMV,… (Video File). D? khong co 1 dong ch? mau vang c?a ph?n m?m ? clip thi cac b?n ph?i dang ki b?n quy?n ph?n m?m, cac b?n lam theo hu?ng d?n ben du?i d? dang ki b?n quy?n cho ph?n m?m nhe!

Di?n 1 trong serial ben tren n?u khong du?c thi cac b?n chuy?n sang crack theo hu?ng d?n ben du?i nhe!
ProShow Producer 6 is superior tools, features music files support multiple, different images. I am softwares Crack Specialist, write reviews and info about new softwares, their software keys, windows activators, software cracks. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. T?i h?p tho?i New Slide Show hi?n ra khi kh?i d?ng chuong trinh, b?n nh?n th? Wizard r?i ch?n Create, ho?c nh?n vao bi?u tu?ng tren giao di?n chinh.
Trong h?p tho?i Edit Timing, b?n nh?n d? nghe nh?c, r?i l?n lu?t nh?n vao hai nut , t?i di?m d?u va di?m cu?i c?a do?n nh?c c?n gi? l?i va nh?n Ok.

M?i giao di?n co s? lu?ng hi?u ?ng d?ng va hi?u ?ng chuy?n c?nh nh?t d?nh, th? hi?n t?i dong This theme has x slide styles and y transitions (x la s? hi?u ?ng d?ng, y la s? hi?u ?ng chuy?n c?nh). The software allows you to output multiple formats, DVD or upload directly to YouTube to share with friends to enjoy. ProShow Producer 6 have more innovative interface so you can easily carry out the operation. It’s divided into several sections that host various items such as the file list, slides, timeline section and preview.

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