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Our owned and operated high speed wireless network serves the majority of our members' usage.
MobileNation unlimited phone plans feature nationwide unlimited data, talk, mobile hotspot & text.
Former Verizon Fios customers are suffering big time as Frontier Communications has just destroyed the customer experience Verizon Fios customers once had.
In the future we will be logging dead zones on a month-to-month basis and selling reports to carriers who want only recent problems.

If you are interested in reporting coverage areas that have improved please read the previous link? Eventually we plan to publish date based heat maps of the coverage problems reported so you can see the reports evolve over time. Outside of our network, they are covered coast to coast through partnerships we have with numerous national and regional wireless carriers. Whenever you're around trusted open WiFi hotspots, the phone will automatically connect to them thanks to a feature called WiFi Assistant.

The MobileNation Coverage Areas depict an approximation of outdoor coverage that is affected by such things as terrain, weather, foliage, buildings and other factors, and, for this reason, cannot be guaranteed.

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