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But if you can live with the negative features common to no-contract plans, then when your cell contract is up, it is probably time to ditch your current provider and go no-contract. That said, the main players aren’t going to place their tenants customers on equal footing as their own. If I had a similar problem with my new no-contract phone, I would probably take it into Best Buy and they would ship it into Virgin Mobile, or even LG for diagnosis and repair or replacement. Pay full price for phones: The carrot that the Big 4 use to get you to sign up for a multi-year contract is reduced price for most cellphones. Nowadays, free phones are mostly behind us, but there are still some pretty good discounts on phone prices.
No free nights and weekends:My biggest disappointment with Virgin Mobile and no-contract plans in general has been no free nights and weekends and no free mobile-to-mobile calls. I realize this list seems awfully slanted toward the cons, making them seem like a bad deal.
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My husband just switched to the Virgin Mobile plan that must be the same as your wife’s.
I am planning to get a no-contract cellphone, but I’m encouraging my husband to get one on a major carrier so we can diversify.
Did you get that one you’ve been talking about that uses VoIP via WiFi instead of regular cellular service? Have the people who have switched and regretted it given any specific reasons besides what I have listed here? Traditional cell phone providers lock you into an agreement of up to three years, although the standard length is two. Combined with number portability laws, the limiting factor I’d only how often you can afford a new phone.

So if bandwidth starts getting tight, service will degrade for me before the guy next door with Sprint.
We had to drive 30 miles to the nearest AT&T store with a repair center, but in 10 minutes, they had determined that the battery was swollen and replaced it.
Back in the days before smart phones, most phones were free and the most expensive one I ever saw was $50.
When I was one AT&T, and Verizon before that, I used those two features to keep my cell phone plan low. She had a contract for 3 years with her phone when she first signed up but hasn’t had a contract since. I use my data plan a lot so I had to get unlimited texting and I keep a close eye on my usage so I don’t go over. I guess it can make sense to use different carriers to maximize your chances of having service during an emergency or even just if someone knocks over a tower.
My website discusses a lot of the same topics as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each other. To add unlimited data to their lowest voice plan and unlimited text, the plan would have cost $70 per month, plus taxes.
Cricket is probably the largest no contract provider out there and stores for them are starting to pop up, but the other companies rely on phone support.
We were on my office plan, but as I am selling the business, we had to get him off the plan. When my wife switched to Virgin Mobile, she got the same number of minutes (300), plus unlimited text and data. My wife has been on Virgin Mobile for a year now and the issue has been noticeable exactly once.
Virgin Mobile’s phone support is pretty good, but nothing beats being able to go in and talk to a person.

My longer phone calls have always been on the weekends anyway because that is when most people are available to talk. So the pros get weighted at 65% (almost two-thirds) of my overall decision and the cons only 35%. She pays around $31 a month and has everything but a data plan as it’s not a smart phone. We had a bare bones, no data plan and it was usually around $90 for the both of us, but $20 of the bill was taxes and fees!
Actually, that’s when we first found out about it, because we were out at the time and stopped at Best Buy because we thought it was the phone. Some older people don’t care for talking on the phone but want to have one for emergencies, I would highly recommend Net10.
The only downside to the T-mobile prepaid is that your account must carry $15 minimum a pay period comes up or service is interrupted. 8 hours of listening to streaming music and probably 30 of surfing the web during down times at work and I still only reached 80% of my limit.
If you want to make calls it’ll have to be more than $15, which is why I deposit $30 every time.
I think the business will continue to pay for my phone because I’ve agreed to take all after hours emergencies, but I still might switch to the Virgin plan to save them some money.

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