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Every once in a while, you might get a call from an unknown caller, one that doesn't even so much as show you the person's phone number when your iPhone rings. A new free jailbreak tweak called No Caller ID Blocker is now available in Cydia thanks to iOS developer MohammadAG, and with it, you'll never again see a phone call from an unknown caller. It is worth noting that this tweak DOES NOT block callers that aren't in your contacts list. There are no options to configure and all you have to do is install the tweak and you're ready to rock again. During a recent Lync 2013 Enterprise Voice roll-out I was configuring interoperability with the legacy Nortel CS1000 PBX.
Calls to all destinations (Lync, the CS1000 and the PSTN) were connecting fine with no media problems, but we did observe that calls from Lync to legacy PBX phones were not displaying the calling number (or caller ID, or CLI, take your pick) on the handset. I found that for calls where the calling number was being displayed on the Nortel handset correctly had a Screening value of Network Provided.

To eliminate this inconsistency, I created a new rule in the transformation table for calls from Lync to the CS1000 on the Sonus gateways to match the Calling Number Screening value of Any, and replace the output with a value of Network. Once this was applied, the LX log reflected the Screening value correctly and the caller ID for calls from Lync to CS1000 started appearing correctly on Nortel handsets. This might seem like a minor issue but it was important that we fixed this as it represented a deployment blocker.
Affectionately coined MMi, we're a community over 900,000 strong who love modifying our iPhones. If a stranger calls you, and they're not masking their phone number, their phone number will still show up on your screen when they call you.
For this, we’d deployed a pair of Sonus SBC 1000 gateways with 2x ISDN PRI ports each. Whereas calls where the calling number was not being displayed on the Nortel handset had a Screening value of User Provided, Not Screened.

Without resolving this, users that hadn’t been migrated to Lync yet were confused who was calling when a Lync voice pilot user called them, which would inhibit user adoption of Lync Enterprise Voice. Use a wide range of features such as the audible message alert, call screening, the time and date stamp, message counter, and memory protection.
In each gateway, one PRI port was connected to the PSTN and the other PRI port was connected to the CS1000, so these gateways were deployed in an upstream model in front of the PBX. Other benefits include variable-speed playback, voice prompts, an announce-only feature, and a memo function.

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