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Math Crossword with Addition and Subtraction Facts: Yes, you can do a crossword puzzle while you're practicing important math facts.
Space Word Search: You'll give your kids an astronomical amount of learning fun with this one!Martin Luther King, Jr.
Teachers, you'll find plenty of student-friendly word search puzzles, crosswords, reading games and spelling games on our site.  Please take a look around!
Bible Crosswords, Free Printable Bible Games, Printable CrosswordsBible crosswords are a great way to review important Bible stories.
March 26, 2012 by RVT Webmaster Leave a Comment Word Search one of the great pastimes of days gone by.
IEyeNewsFor all the latest Cayman, Caribbean and International Stories plus cartoons and puzzles. Nocturnality -- Yet another Wikipedia article, this one shows why nocturnal creatures benefit from this adaptation.

Homeschool Share on nocturnal animals -- This is both an overview and has a special featuring of owls and bats. Nocturnal Habits of Nighttime Animals -- Specific to Michigan, this looks at flying squirrels, whippoorwills, tree frogs, and great horned owls. Franklin and His Night Friend -- Picture book favorite character, Franklin, makes friends with a bat. Nocturnal Animals poems -- These are not stories, but poems, especially about owls and bats. A to Z Teacher Stuff -- raccoon, crocodile, bat, and owl activities suitable for young children posted by Ms.
Children's Music by Nancy Stewart -- practical activity ideas and an easily adaptable song about nocturnal animals. Peter Weiss and his band, The Earth Rangers singing at Westlake Elementary School in Santa Cruz, CA (2007) a song about nocturnal animals.

Sheppard Software Seek and Find Nocturnal Animals -- simple game for young children identifying hidden animals.
Isn't it wonderful when you can recycle your programs?  Children's programs for preschoolers used 4 years ago can return and be used again with a whole new audience of preschoolers.
Other possible creatures include mouse, fox, wolf, coyote, moth, tree frog, cockroach, and I'd certainly add the Unofficial Michigan State Bird, the Mosquito! Explore Canada's provinces, cities, and natural resources in this entertaining word search puzzle.
Sheila creates these unique Word Search puzzles for you our great readers to enjoy.The Word Searches here are on a variety of topics from beauty to simply words that start with a specific letter.

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