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3936352From Florida to California, consumers are getting notices their health plans are cancelled. The law also left open the possibility that the president could impose additional requirements on grandfathered plans (except union plans.) Two months after Obamacare was passed, the IRS, Deptartment of Labor, and Department of Health and Human Services – all reporting to the president – churned out hundreds of additional rules to make it even harder for grandfathered plans to survive. The president understood that Americans don’t want socialized medicine or big government poking into their healthcare. The administration’s supporters lie about what’s causing the millions of policy cancellations. Seniors in Medicare Advantage plans are getting a similar run around when they ask about why their doctors are being axed. On June 15, 2009 President Obama told a town hall meeting that “No matter how we reform healthcare, we will keep this promise … if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan.

1251(a)(1) of the Affordable Care Act says that no one can be required to give up a plan in effect on March 23, 2010, when the law was passed.
They estimated that up to 69 percent of individual plans and 89 percent of small group plans would be cancelled by the end of 2013 as a result of their rules. So when he campaigned to pass Obamacare, he told the public what they wanted to hear: that his plan would help the uninsured and leave everyone else alone.
Their current plans were cancelled because they don’t provide the “10 essential benefits.” Essential, that is, according to the experts. United Healthcare cut thousands of cardiologists and other specialists from Advantage plans in the New York metro area and Connecticut during October.
Those plans are “grandfathered.” But following that guarantee is a list of costly requirements that made it difficult for insurers to keep offering your plan.

Everyone must have the one-size fits all health plan designed by “experts.” It’s like passing a law saying the only cars we are allowed to buy are four door sedans. Obamacare reduces payments to Medicare Advantage plans by a whopping $156 billion over a decade. Richard Foster warned Congress on April 22, 2010,when he was chief actuary of Medicare, that the cuts would force about 7.4 million seniors to give up their plans.

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