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Generally people think that if any thing is compulsory then people thinks to arrange that . Finally i will come for the main topic that is how to check pan card status by name or date of birth .
The above image will show all above steps orally If you have more doubts contact us by email .Thanks for being with us .
Search pan is a service for searching pan card related details or data for pan verification. PAN (Permanent Account Number) : PAN  is a unique 10 character alphanumeric number for uniquely identify the pan cardholder or income tax payer. Permanent Account Number (PAN) is unique alphanumeric combination issued to all juristic entities identifiable under the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. To know company, firm, HUF etc PAN number full name is to be filled in surname column and in DOB column, date of Incorporation is to be given. The primary purpose of PAN is to bring a universal identification key factor for all financial transactions and indirectly prevent tax evasion by keeping a track of monetary transactions of high net worth individuals.

Have the 15 Digit Acknowledgement Number – which was given to you at the time of application – ready.
Enter the Name (General mistake in PAN application is that surname is given in first name and vice versa. Like in the same way when bankers or registration department officers , LIC officers asked for pan popularly called as Permanent Account Number - PAN , Then we will run for to apply pan card. All people think that this is very difficult to know but it is really very simple and it will finish with a 3 simple steps. Search PAN is a very easy and quick service for find or verify the pan card holder details.
The PAN is mandatory for a majority of financial transactions like opening a bank account, receiving taxable salary or professional fees, sale or purchase of assets above specified limits etc especially high-value of transactions. It is issued by the Indian Income Tax Department under the supervision of the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) and is almost equivalent to a national identification number. The reason that it is very difficult to put first, middle, surname with right spellings and order.

So if you have confidence of having matching data then go for it, fill your First name, Middle name, surname with date of birth and get your PAN. Suppose if your name is Pam and this is your first name even then to know PAN number fill it in surname). It must to take any Demand Draft or to transfer money or else to make any transaction related to financial .To make those financial transactions with our name we compulsory had to have a pan card. That much important of pan card information is not available in major Government websites . Now you have successfully learned how to check Pan card status in Online by name and date of birth , With Knowledge number .
Further, name shown on Pan Card and Name given in PAN Data base may be not matching because in pan application we can give abbreviation for name to be printed on pan card.

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