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All deliveries are on 'next day' courier service (Next day delivery is aimed for but cannot be guaranteed). If ordering using a promotion or voucher not advertised on our site, please be aware that orders could take up to 5 working days for dispatch. During busy periods such as the run up to Christmas there may be slight delays to your deliveries. Our exciting new site and product range were developed using customer reviews so be one of the first to review our brand new products. Among all the other obsession that I've been successfully venting on this blog for almost a year now is definitely my phone case obsession. Cat in a box is my favourite phone case at the moment - it reminds me of my little Cookie, because he seems to have a slight obsession with boxes too, especially sleeping in them, haha! The furry case is actually pretty sleek, I like to think of it as my grown-up case, ha! The biggest & probably funkiest phone case I own is this pink 3D kitten with a kitten plug. I am fully aware that my phone cases are very much on the juvenile side and at 23 years of age I should be probably looking at something like the sleek phone cases below, but hey, I will have time for those fancy phone cases when I'm all rich & famous (yup, still plannin that)! 3D printing is beginning to take the world by storm and these printers are now beginning to be used to produce everyday items – 3D printing is no longer the work of science fiction!
From prototyping to high-end accessories and jewellery 3D printing is becoming more and more common and is revolutionising manufacturing processes. One company who has embraced 3D printing is Freshfiber who use the technique to produce complex phone cases for the latest crop of smartphones. By adopting an approach that utilises 3D printing the designers at Freshfiber can create complex phone case designs that are breath-taking in their inventiveness and certainly couldn’t be achieved through more traditional production methods.

For example, the Freshfiber Macedonia case is based on the bone structure of birds and the organic feel of the case as is dependent on the accuracy and intricacy that can be achieved via a 3D printer which builds up the structure of the phone case one layer at a time using a laser.
You can find out more about the different technologies used in 3D printing here but the process of 3D printing that builds up an item layer-by-layer using a laser to bond the powder is laser sintering. The designs for the phone cases are turned into a digital file that represents the layers of the case, this digital file then provides the guidelines that the 3D printer follows as it builds up the structure of the phone case. The range of phone cases from Freshfiber seemed to have been their entry into the world of 3D printing and it is one that they are continuing to explore. 3D printing allows a designer’s skills to run wild and for products to be produced as close to that vision as possible. This fantastic technological leap I feel is going to usher in an exciting period for design where designers push their imaginations their limit and create truly unique items, from phone cases to jewellery to home accessories the sky is the limit.
Blog post by Ben P who writes on a range of design and technology subjects for Covers and Cases in the UK. I'd never been fussed about what phone I used, I used to be that friend of yours who's got a massive robust mobile phone claiming it's 'vintage', yup, that was definitely me. However I have to say, it does get strangely dirty quite quickly - every white little bit flying around my handbag gets magically stuck to it, woops! That means a 'relaxed bear' in Japanese, if I'm not wrong and it's one of those Japanese cartoon characters. These are from a website called Cruise Fashion, which offers lovely designer pieces (both men & women fashion, handbags, accessories etc). This has allowed the European design brand to bring a highly-detailed fashion edge to their accessories for electronic devices.
The phone cases are produced using nylon fibre but their new collection of 3D jewellery also includes the use of metal.

The Cobble necklace from Freshfiber by designer Louis Filosa has an organic feel that feels inspired by the Macedonia case and is an unusual feature piece that again owes its ingenuity to 3D printing. Backed by our desire to deliver exceptional customer service we promise to exceed all your expectations. They feel sturdy enough to survive whatever is goin on in my handbag and are easy to hold in your hand not making the phone grow into brick-sizes.
I think it's absolutely adorable and it's great when you've got too much dangerous stuff in your handbag or your phone is more prone to flying on the floor - the silicone protects the phone quite a lot.
The plastic hard cases are the most durable I think, because silicones sometimes get a tad dirty! Oh, and it comes with a little kitten plug so the headphone connector is safe from dust and dirt - pretty cool me thinks! I'm still on the Alexander McQueen skull wave, so have to say those, especially the red one looks fabulous *writes this phone case down on a list to buy when she becomes filthy rich*! Can't say I wouldn't be happy for the Michael Kors one or even the pretty jelly Juicy Couture one!
I don't remember caring about insurance or how to answer a phone call (I'm not ashamed to admit that I probably looked more ridiculous than my nan would, while trying to 'swipe' the screen to answer it, haha!), but I did care about getting that cool Angry Bird case. I like using it at home because of the bulkiness and because it makes the phone pretty Cookie-proof.

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