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Right off the top let me say that this post is NOT an exhaustive reference on the subject of prompt scripts. A prompt book documents everything about the production and could be used as a blueprint to remount the production if a company desires. What you are looking at here is not just a photocopy of the script, but a copy of the script that is formatted with wide margins for writing notes in. I am just about to begin rehearsals for an undevised show (no script) and have been allocated the role of DSM.
It should be near the front of the book so that when someone is missing and you need to get ahold of them you can quickly get the contact info you need.

Likely you will have one in a calendar format which will have the rehearsal & show hours on it for the duration of the project, but you will also have daily schedules which you will want to keep on file.
I usually hole punch mine on the right hand side (opposite of what a “normal” hole punch would be) so that I have a blank page next to the script for blocking. But with that said I have seen and used prompt books with rather than a blank page a page with areas marked with different notes as you work through the show as well as a ground plan on that page. This is my first time DSM’ing and the fact that the script is unwritten as of yet makes the experience all the more terrifying in terms of blocking, cueing etc. This piece of paperwork means that as you are making a schedule and need to know who to call in to work scene three, rather than having to go through the script, all you need to do is flip to your breakdown and see who is in scene three.

It is one of the elements of stage managements that shows the most personality, as every stage manager has a slightly different style. If I’m working with an established script for which we have bought acting editions from Samuel French or Dramatists, I photocopy the script page so that it is in the middle with white margins all around. I know its wrong but sometimes if I am doing a show with heavy principal and ensemble blocking having an ASM do the ensemble blocking in their book and just keeping that next to the SM station and referring to it as needed.

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