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The move follows last week’s unconfirmed news that Boost Mobile, another Sprint property, will be getting prepaid iPhones on June 22.
Sprint, which has been in the prepaid biz through its Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile properties, added 489,000 prepaying customers in the first quarter amid losing 192,000 contract customers. Instead of committing your soul to a two-year deal, a prepaid iPhone costs you more from the onset in terms of handset price but you get to chose month-to-month plans to go with it. You can cancel and reactivate these plans at a moment’s notice, whenever it suits you. The biggest advantage of prepaid phones over subsidized smartphones sold with pricey two-year plans is in cost of ownership.
John Brownlee, writing for Cult of Mac, offers a number of compelling reasons why pay-as-you-go Cricket iPhones are all the rage, all boiling down to the following price matrix.
The bare minimum most people will save if they go with Cricket for their next iPhone is $520 over the course of the contract.

By making iPhone available on pre-paid plans through Cricket Wireless, we are making the best smartphone more accessible to an even broader market in the US.
Logo Quiz for Android Answers Level 9 is an Android app, which is also available in ipad and ipod touch, is a visual trivia quiz in which you guess names of hundreds of company logos from different companies and organizations. This game is the most comprehensive collection of logos and it is already soaring in the app charts.
If you are not familiar on how to play the game, the app will show you a logo and what you are going to do is to type the name of the logo being presented.
Remember that all logos that are represented within the game are trademark of their respective corporations.
Now, you can test your skills on famous brand names and logos with the Logo Quiz for Android Answers Level 9 application. Thee phones usually come unlocked so prepaid deals could be of interest to jailbreakers as well.

That’s more than the cost of buying the unsubsidized iPhone (in fact, according to the above data, you’ll make back what you originally spent on the unsubsidized iPhone by the end of the first year).
Allowing people to not be subjected to outragous data plans (AT&T) to get a piece of the iphone experience.
Guessing from the name itself, Logos Quiz is a fun and challenging application that will tickle your minds in a guessing game on famous logos found all over the world. Then I went to apple for an issue with it and they upgraded it to the 4S free of charge (they were low on 4 stock).

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