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The other inconvenience caused by my indiscretion involved my email account, which has now been shared with the entire planet. Unfortunately, when someone a€?needs your helpa€? to move large sums of money while rewarding you with many thousands of dollars, there is no a€?unsubscribea€? option, so I delete, delete, delete, and then delete some more. Some email lists will remove you if you reply with a€?Unsubscribea€? in the subject line, but I am hesitant to acknowledge these emails in any way. So while I try to outlast the insipid would-be benefactors, I occasionally amuse myself by reading some of their emails. This email probably went to hundreds of email addresses, and yet it names each of these recipients as a€?the sole beneficiarya€? of $3.5m USD.

While each of these scams appeals to our basic greed, they also mix in an interesting blend of additional motivators. I'm always touched by the woman dying of cancer, who wants to share her dead husband's wealth with a few a€?good Christiana€? people. I've gotten emails from Brigadier Generals, Reverends, United Nations officials, and FBI agents, with time always a critical factor. One of the more popular gimmicks of late has an interesting twist: the scam is addressed to alleged victims of scams! One of the more novel approaches came from an alleged soldier who served in the Iraq War.A  His claim was that he and his buddies had made off with significant treasures from Saddam Hussein's palace, and with my help he could retrieve them and share the spoils with me!

I have one more confession.A  I never actually heard from the Nigerian Prince, but I'm still hoping!A  I've got to go clean out my Junk Mail folder - all 186 email.
I fell for an online scam that offered a $100 Walmart gift card in return for filling out some consumer surveys. I've been tempted to reply with stern requests for peace, or maybe with one of my witty responses: a€?I'd love to help, Marian.

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