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A couple of weeks ago, developer Keybol was ready to push out its new game a€“ Kill the Plumber a€“ to both the App Store and the Play Store. So, the developers have budged, and are currently in the process of redoing all the aesthetics a€“ "from blocks, to the plumber, to new screenshots, and icon". SAN FRANCISCO - Apple has plenty of reasons to flaunt their killer App Store inside the front window of hundreds of Apple stores across the country. It won't be long before the App Store reaches Steve Jobs' prediction of becoming a billion-dollar marketplace. All controversy aside, the App Store has been a definite game changer for Apple and a huge win for cult of iPhone faithful.

Should it not be 30 million for Apple, while the 70 million would go to the actual app developers? The title is a sort of a reverse-platformer with puzzle elements, which spoofs the famous Mario character and puts the player in the role of the bad guys. The new plumber looks a bit more grungy and messy and the developers are saying they are working on a comic that is going to "explain the change in a humorous way, and not bringing bad light to any party".Hopefully, this will be enough to give the game a green light on the App Store.
Since August, growth for the App Store has more than doubled with users downloading over 100 million applications.
The recent data along with the brilliant Apple store window display should be sufficient to inspire developers to 'hang in' while line sitting for a chance to test their worth in the App Store.

With competitors like Google and Microsoft announcing their own plans to launch blatant App Store clones, it's clear that Apple has taken the lead once again with digital downloads.
Even though the game is clearly meant to be a parody, with all of its elements being exclusively made by its developers, Cupertino apparently didn't want to take risks with Nintendo's sense of humor (and who can blame them?). The final consensus was that the title needs a change of concept, from the way it looks to gameplay mechanics.

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