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If you don’t have enough access to a cell phone to install the necessary software, then this dedicated portable GPS tracker may be the solution you require. GTU 10 is a GPS locator that combines a web-based gps tracking service so you can keep watch on children, pets and property.
Employee Tracking Systems help quick task marketing for improving sales and lightning fast services.
When the agent fills the daily calls log from a specific location his current location is captured in that entry. If you please order the Garmin GTU 10 using THIS, then Amazon’s referral commission will help support this website.

You can track your GTU 10 from our secure website using any computer or with the free Garmin Trackerâ„¢ app. Web-based applications powered by Quick task's global infrastructure give organizations full access to their tasks across devices, so the team can be productive in more places.
Administrators can see their team's current physical location at any point of time, and team's root history is automatically maintained.
Employee Tracking Devices manage to learn about employees behavioral patterns in the hopes of boosting productivity. Quick-Task Marketing is a tool for people in the field for hastle free operation through mobile phone.

Field force now can mark their attendance, fill their daily call reports & everything is automatically send to the HO.

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