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The move comes after AT&T and Verizon received a slew of critical news coverage for inserting tracking numbers into their subscribers' Internet activity, even after users opted out. The controversial type of tracking is used to monitor users' behavior on their mobile devices where traditional tracking cookies are not as effective. Verizon uses the tracking number to identify the users' behavior and offer advertisers insights about users gleaned from that data. A valiant police officer in Virginia handcuffed an aspiring thug and middle schooler - who is black which obviously had nothing to do with it - after the boy "stole" a 65-cent milk carton allowed him under a free lunch program.

Last month, ProPublica reported that Twitter's mobile advertising unit was enabling its clients to use the Verizon identifier.
The way it works is that a telecommunications carrier inserts a uniquely identifying number into all the Web traffic that transmits from a users' phone. Ryan Turk was charged with larceny and suspended from school after he "yanked away" from the cop - in school-ese, "became disorderly." Clearly, this whole ugly incident could have been avoided if the cop or boy or milk carton had been armed.
The tracking numbers can be used by sites to build a dossier about a person's behavior on mobile devices – including which apps they use, what sites they visit and for how long.

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