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TracFone offers more pay-as-you-go flexibility than the best cell phone companies, but are its prices worth it?
PTel sent out notifications around January 23rd (thanks Don!) that they are shutting down on January 31, 2016.
All their monthly plans now include more data starting with the $20 plan which now includes 250MB data along with unlimited talk and text. They have also re-branded themselves as PTel, although the actual company name remains the same.
Older CDMA phones like the the Sanyo SCP-3810 are no longer available on their website and are not compatible with their current network.
With the shift to a GSM network, you can now get a PTel SIM card and use it with your own unlocked or T-Mobile compatible GSM phone. You order the new phones or SIM cards directly from PlatinumTel, and they will ship them via UPS in the continental US and via USPS in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
After a few requests on their customer forum, PlatinumTel decided to enable tethering on a trial basis.
If you have good coverage in your area, you can certainly give their Pay-As-You-Go or Unlimited plans a try.

With the switch to the T-Mobile network, Platinumtel allow users to bring their unlocked GSM phones to their service.
SIM card kits are also available from NET10 and Straight Talk, but you can only use it with their unlimited plans.
You can now see your Tracfone coverage down to the street level (for their feature phones). This is much improved from the earlier situation where you had to rely on anecdotal reports such as the ones below. Here the cell phone's signal was starting to fade, but it was still usable, indicating pretty good tracfone coverage! Help to program tracfone when no land phone available This is to tell Tracfone company that they should insist that we get service when purchasing tracfone. Terrible service out in country (Bear Creek) Not rated yetI purchased two of these phones for my husband and myself so we would not be under a contract.
While I haven't documented my coverage experience with other plans as much, I have given a general writeup for a few. If you've ever had a Sprint phone, you will be familiar with the coverage available for Virgin Mobile.

This info was difficult to get before because which major network you were on depended on which handset you used.
They have been working with several providers that use the same T-Mobile network to help ease the transition (and make porting your number faster).Options available include Ting, Vida Express, UltraMobile, Simple Mobile, and Lycamobile. These older plans were maintained for about six months during the switch-over, but are no longer available.So here are the current plans.
Coverage in NY Subways When I bought the phone, I walked into walmart with a price in mind. For more detail, you had to figure out which network your handset used and then go to that network's site such as Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile.Now they've upgraded the site so that you can choose the handset you have or are interested in getting and then see what kind of coverage you will have with that handset!Unfortunately, they don't make this info available (when I last checked) for their new smartphones. For these you just have to find out what network they're on and then check how good the coverage for that network is in your area.

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