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The Prepaid Coverage Map is in purple (2009) followed by the prepaid coverage map from a year or so ago.
The two types of coverage are now almost the same, so this is not an issue for most people.
You can look at coverage in your local area by entering your zip code on their coverage locator (be sure to select "Prepaid"). When we lived in the Chapel Hill, NC area we checked out the coverage: looking east to Wilmington Beach, Kittyhawk and the Outer Banks, coverage was pretty good with thick bands along most of the highways, with coverage even in the Outer Banks. If you live in a sparsely populated area, then you might be better off with a standard Verizon contract plan with the slightly better coverage because you do need to be able to make your calls. Verizon has a new prepaid smartphone plan called the 4G LTE Prepaid Allset Plan which costs $45 per month and includes unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data per month. One thing that makes the plan a little better is that you can add 500 MB to your data by signing up to pay your bill automatically each month. The weird thing is that Verizon doesn't offer unlimited data, but the Straight Talk smartphones that run on the Verizon network are supposed to have unlimited data (though throttled after 3 GB). The Basic plan is really a pay as you go plan with every minute costing 25 cents and no daily fee. A $100 airtime card is good for one year of service and 400 minutes (minus the cost of text messages). The 99 cent plan allows unlimited free Mobile to Mobile calling with other Verizon customers. Because you are charged only on the days you use the phone, it's hard to estimate what your yearly cost would be without making some assumptions about your calling habits. This would go down quite a bit if you use the cell phone less than seven days a week and tended to mainly call Verizon numbers. I definitely recommend this plan if your friends and family already use Verizon and if you have infrequent (but long) phone talks with them on the phone. If you use the phone every day, the minimum yearly cost for this plan (including the activation and setup fee and 600 minutes) is a little more than $800 a year. If you will send and receive a lot of texts, then you can buy a $20 a month bundle for unlimited mobile messaging to anyone in the US. It looks like it's cheaper to download songs to your PC and then upload them to your phone than dowloading them directly. You can add airtime by buying airtime refill cards online or in stores, or you can add minutes directly via a "My Prepay" account at Verizon's website. In stores, you can buy cards in denominations of $15 to $100 which last from 30 days for the $15 refill card to one year for the $100 card. With My Prepay, you can buy and add airtime in various amounts to your phone without having to purchase airtime refill cards.
For the smart phone plans, they finally have some good choices such as the Moto G pictured here. Officially, there is an activation fee of up to $35, but you can avoid that by purchasing your prepaid phone online directly from Verizon.
Puerto Rico is treated as being in the USA so there's no additional charge from making calls to Puerto Rico.
Calls to Mexico landlines cost an additional 10 cents, and calls to Mexico cell phones cost an additional 29 cents per minute.
It costs a whopping additional $1.49 to anywhere else in the world, which means you'd only do it out of desperation. It costs an additional 10 cents to send or receive a text messages from participating carriers in Mexico and Canada. It costs an additional 25 cents to send and receive a text message via participating carriers from elsewhere in the world. This page allows you to select your country and click "Display" to see the list of carriers. You can get discounts for purchasing Verizon prepaid cell phones directly from their website.

Since offering local number portability is the law of the land, you can port your current cell phone or home phone number to Verizon. If you want to switch, but want to make sure you have great coverage, then a Verizon Wireless Prepaid plan can be a good choice. Similarly, the Straight Talk plan offers smart phones that run on one of the four big networks. The 3rd quarter results by The NPD Group showed pre-paid smartphone sales practically doubled with a growth of 91 percent. T-Mobile offers an incredibly aggressive $30 a month prepaid plan that boasts unlimited data and texts with a stingy 100 voice minutes. Prepaid cell phones used to be a good choice only for people who didnt use their phones much.
Straight Talk’s Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program uses GSM technology, also known as a SIM card.
The LG Optimus features an Android 2.2 operating system that allows you to complete any task and download apps from the Android Market. OJIMO Cellphones & Cell Phone Cases Shop for Cell Phone Cases, Smartphones, Cell Phones, Android Phones, iPhones, Windows Phones, Refurbished phones, camera phones, batteries, cases, accessories and parts!
These plans (formerly called Inpulse) come in a few flavors: Smartphone 4G and 3G, Basic Monthly and Pay As You Go. However, unlike some other plans, you don't get to just throttle down to 3G after using up your data allotment. This is perfect if you have friends and family members who have Verizon phones (they don't have to be prepaid). If you use the phone every day, you would have a minimum charge of $361.35 plus the activation fee of $25 plus 10 cents per minute of calls or text messages.
Compared to a contract plan or even to some of the other prepaid plans, you could save maybe $400-$500 a year. If you will primarily text people with Verizon phones, you can get their $10 a month bundle.
Verizon has extended the length of some of the calling cards to match those of other companies. It makes sense then, to buy airtime in $100 increments especially if you don't use a cell phone all that much. For the basic plans, you can choose from about five or six phones ranging from a basic flip phone like the Samsung Gusto or LG Revere to QWERTY slider phones like the Pantech Caper and even a touchscreen or two like the LG Extravert. If you paid an activation fee for your prepaid phone, you have three days to return it and still get your activation fee back.
You can access it through their website as well and send a text message to almost any country. For any other country, you're better off using another phone or buying an international calling card.
Though the forum is for all voice and broadband issues, the search button seems pretty effective for finding posts about their prepaid service. The most recent Consumer Reports survey  found contract free providers  are growing in popularity mainly due to saving consumers more than $20 per month.
Straight Talk has recently begun marketing through Walmart and offers unlimited text, voice and data for $45 a month.
Similar to Straight Talk, however, it offers a stated 4gb data cap with unlimited voice and text option for $49 per month. You must go through a current subscriber of the service and it appears to be a multi-level marketing setup. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step tutorial to make sure your phone is compatible with the program so you can keep your current phone number and the phone you love, keeping in mind that there’s no high monthly bills, no overage charges and no contracts! The internal phonebook can store up to 1000 contact entries, with each entry able to store up to five phone numbers as well as a picture ID, email and street address. This phone also provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity (version 2.0), and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, and file transfer.

You are only considered to be roaming when you are outside their digital coverage area for your plan.
Even if you're a very occasional user, I don't recommend this plan unless you really want Verizon's coverage but not one of their other plans. If you use 600 minutes or text messages a year (less then 2 minutes a day), that comes to $60. This bundle allows unlimited texting on the Verizon network and also includes 250 messages to anyone outside the network. If you order online, even though you paid no activation fee, you may have to pay a restocking fee - no kidding.
Also you can actually make roaming calls from a few places like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, the Virgin Islands and Bermuda. Clicking on their text message map brings up the various mobile networks in that particular country. When signing up you are asked if you want to operate on the T-Mobile or ATT’s GSM network. Once a network is selected, you can either choose from a handful of phones or opt for the BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) option. Straight Talk doesn’t come out and say they have a data cap, but it is well documented by users that they do. Solavei is operating solely on the T-Mobile network and this should be considered if their coverage isn’t ideal in your area. After the 5GB cap it’s throttled to 2G or egde speeds though the remainder of the month. If you talk and text a lot, you just might be able to cut your bills in half with a prepaid phone. So you can be outside your local area, but as long as you're within their national digital network, you're not roaming. But have you heard of Page Plus, H20, Straight Talk or Solavei? Prepaid service is not the same as it once was and is growing in popularity.
You have an option of purchasing a non-subsidized T-Mobile phone or bringing your own unlocked GSM phone.
Many users take the voip option of Google Voice to route the voice calls over Wi-fi or the 3G service. Keeping your current phone number is an option or you can choose to receive a new phone number. Marketing an unlimited product, but warning users at 2gb worth of usage seems a little odd. Remember though, they are leasing this network from the larger carriers and ultimately have to live within their rules.
Also, be aware that this plan does not offer any data roaming, so the users are limited to only the T-Mobile network.
Solavei is definitely worth a look if you require more than 2gb of data and T-Mobile’s network is strong in your area. Google’s Android does have data usage warnings that can be set to prompt users if they are getting near their preset data cap.
A few users have gotten Page Plus to use their previous Verizon phone, but as always this is a your mileage may vary scenario. The Verizon network is often considered the strongest and customers will pay a little more to experience it.

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