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Also, more and more MVNOs are arriving on the scene competing with four major operators and reselling their networks. SIM cards can be bought at many places: shops, kiosk, newsagents, petrol stations, tobacconists or the stores of the network operators.
Managing your account online may require Polish language skills, as no English homepage isĀ available. If the government adopts the act in line with the plan, the new act could block about 30 million prepaid SIMs in Poland and the first blocking could take place as early as the end of 2016.
It's not yet clear what will happen to the sale of coupons and starter packs in kiosks and petrol stations.
These top ups apply to the old green Startery Plus Nowy Internet na Karte as well as the new red JA Internet na Karte plans.
Play, owned by P4, is the smallest of the 4 network operators with the most aggressive pricing. Play has a limited number of its own network masts in the country covering only the main cities. Their SIM card can be bought at kiosks, petrol stations and other points of sale: Play Store Locator. As a promotion, you can activate FORMULA Play na Karte by code *111*400*1# and test it for a week. Their product line Play Internet na Karte has the cheapest data at slightly higher voice and text rates. It comes in three different starter packs with an allowance for the start and the 12 following months. All these "unlimited" add-ons auto-renew and must be stopped by replacing 1 by 2 as last digit in the code. There is the Play24 app available for Android, Windows and iOs phones, allowing the user to book data options including data roaming packages. SIM starter pack is sold at Play stores (Play Store Locator) and often given away for free e.g. On the old SIM cards LTE has to be activated every 30 days by typing *111*480*1# (this is not necessary on the new SIM cards). There are basically two types of tariffs in Red Bull Mobile: the newer one contains "Energy" in its name, the older one does not.
Following data add-ons can be loaded via de Play24 app or by dialling *111# option 2 and then option 4.

Later change the plan to "Orange Free na Karte" by sending SMS "FREE" to 3033 (costs 0.29 PLN) or by sending code 101*40# (for free) to get the extra bonus for top-up. Top up vouchers are widely available in supermarkets, newsstands, petrol stations, grocery stores. You can check remaining data from bonus packages using *101*01# code or check bonus volume by sending a SMS with "ILE" to 411 (for 0.20 PLN). Starter packs in mini and micro sizes are available in all Orange stores and further outlets. You can top up nju mobile with regular Orange vouchers or the same ways as Orange (see above). They sell their prepaid starter pack "Internet Strong LTE" for 5 PLN with 1 GB included valid for 5 days. Heyah is a long established subsidiary of T-Mobile (coverage and stores see above) in 2G and 3G.
Heyah prepaid SIM cards are available for 5 PLN (or discounted for 3 PLN) including the same credit valid for 7 days at T-Mobile stores and many other places. Their starter packs are available online or in a lot of stores: Virgin mobile Store Locator for PLN 5. On the Freemium offer you get 30 domestic minutes, 30 domestic SMS and 300 MB each month for free.
Under the proposed legislation, it would not be possible to buy a mobile starter set without giving a reason, and existing clients will have half a year to provide data to operators, or have their numbers blocked. Clients will have to provide a special reason for buying a phone and not every client will be willing to give one, and it is not certain that the operator will get reliable information. Managing your account online would require Polish language skills, as no English homepage isĀ available. Recharging can be done online and select the payment method Karta platnicza found at the bottom of the screen. It's not a MVNO as it belongs to Play and sold at their stores as a different brand aimed at the urban youth. This starter pack is sold at 7 PLN with 2 GB included and at 20 PLN with 5 GB included plus the starter price as credit.
When data from packages 2 GB and 5 GB is used up, you can still have connection for free, to the end of validity of package, but with 64 kbps download speed. You can still use money from top up for making calls, texting, transferring additional data (at 0.01 PLN for 100 kB) or buying additional packages (see above).

There are starters for 5 PLN and 9 PLN, each with the same credit preloaded valid for 30 days. They have many agencies around the country in newsstands, kiosks, supermarkets and online sent to a Polish address. Nevertheless, the bonus system you have on a Polish SIM can be quite confusing to foreigners. This about to change in 2016: The new anti-terrorism act aims to increase security of the public against terrorist attacks. But real 4G on 800 and 1800 MHz LTE is available for 78% of the population in 2015: Play Coverage Map (go to Internet. Otherwise recharge vouchers are available at gas stations, supermarkets, and many other places starting 5 PLN up to 150 PLN. They offer free SIMs in promotions, but there are generally two starter packs - for 5 and 9 PLN. Free packages renew automatically after 30 days, but unused packages don't roll forward into next period. On the other hand, it increases surveillance of citizens, who moreover will pay for the changes in the form of higher prices. Users of Play Internet na Karte have access to Play's own network only - unlike to the other tariffs, there is no national roaming available on this tariff.
To stop, call customer service on 322 or dial *190# at latest 20.00 h on the day of expirery of the old pack.
On Nov,15th all unused data will be cleared and then another free 300 MB package will be given. On the Wiecej internetu i SMS-ow you can add another 200 MB for 1 PLN by *136*11*03# just once.
To activate this offer, you'll need to have 30 PLN credit on your card that won't be used for the activation fee, as it is free. Unless you have another regular data pack purchased before, a speed limit of only 32 kbps will apply and you won't be able to use the free 200 GB.

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