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Eligibility to File Taxes OnlineAlthough most income tax returns can be filed online, there are some restrictions. In Canada scammers are sending out emails purporting to be from Canada Revenue Agency, and good news: You have a refund! Canadians should be aware that Canada Revenue Agency does not, and never will, ever, complete transactions through email. In the United States, scammers are identifying themselves as the IRS, or as a legitimate tax preparer. Some of the scammers’ emails provide you with a link to a document outlining changes in the tax law. Americans should know that the IRS, just like Canada Revenue, does not ever, ever send unsolicited emails about tax accounts. If you do receive a fraudulent email such as the ones mentioned above, you would probably want to inform the real tax man about the scam.
Again, as well as protecting your personal and income tax information, you should also protect your computer files. The email then links to a fraudulent refund form that looks a lot like the other pages on the real CRA website. The genuine CRA website allows Canadians to sign up to access their account details online. Again, armed with your personal and account information, they can steal your identity and do major damage to your life.

If your computer was stolen or damaged or lost, could you easily replace or restore your personal data?
The package includes a return (form), federal tax worksheet, schedules (more forms), a provincial or territory tax worksheet and an information guide.In 2013, in order to reduce waste, the CRA stopped automatically mailing income tax packages to everyone who had filed an income tax return the year before. Your 2014 income taxes are still due by midnight April 30, 2015.To file your Canadian income taxes online you first have to prepare your tax return using a commercial tax preparation desktop software package, a Web application or a product for an Apple or Android mobile device.
The CRA tests and certifies software between December and March, so it is usually at least late January before a commercial tax software package or Web application is put on the approved list of certified software. In other words, if you get a refund notification by email, don’t even bother to click on the link.
CollectionMine’s online data backup and storage software allows you to keep your most valuable, irreplaceable information in a world-class data centre, safe from harm and from prying eyes. All the evidence should be delivered to our workplace a minimum of seven days before the date of the first tax refund guide tax refund But you have to make a point to review your taxes before the end of the year. This page also includes information on how to order printed versions of additional forms and guides that are not included in the general income tax package.If you file your taxes online, the tax package comes with the software. If you purchase or download your income tax software before it is certified by the CRA for use with NETFILE, you may have to download a patch from the software vendor.Some software certified for use with NETFILE is free for individuals. Be sure you get the version of software that meets your tax situation.Choose the Best Way to File Your Income TaxesThe Canada Revenue Agency is encouraging Canadians to file their income taxes online. Keep the confirmation number.Tax Information Slips, Receipts and DocumentsKeep all the tax information slips, receipts and documents you use to prepare your income tax return.

If you have to pay your taxes by installments, you can also set up a pre-authorized debit plan. Be sure you include your telephone number on your income tax return, so the CRA can contact you quickly.
Find out more in 5 Ways to Pay Your Personal Canadian Income Taxes.Arrange for Direct Deposit of Canadian Tax PaymentsThe Canadian government is phasing out the use of paper cheques by April 2016. Here are several ways to request the CRA to make direct deposit of Canadian tax payments to your bank account. Direct deposit is convenient and secure, ensures your payments arrive on time, and saves on trips to your community mailbox.Check on Your Income Tax RefundFor many, the hardest part of doing their income taxes is waiting for their refund. If you need them, you can get the income tax packages for past years online.Keep Your Address Current With the CRABe sure the CRA has your current address. That way you'll receive refunds and benefit payments, as well as important notices, without interruption.

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