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Windows Vista is amongst the most popular operating systems that are being used by people in the modern times. The whole process of locating or finding out the IP address in Windows Vista is quite simple provided one is aware of the steps it includes. First of all the Windows Vista needs to be started and one need to login to their account.
These are the steps that help find out the IP address while there are several steps that also help in altering the IP address if required.

It should be made sure that the person has an active connection with internet as the IP address cannot be checked if Windows Vista is not connected to internet. As in every operating system, one receives a unique code known as the IP address which is used for identifying the computers.
It is quite common that people using dial-up connection observe changed IP addresses every time they login to their system. IP address seems to be a very vital number that should be known before setting up the internet connection.

One must be very careful regarding informing others about the IP addresses as this can sometimes prove harmful if the other person is not authorized for the information.

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