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This is a follow up post to my blog about Know Your Data Broker where I talked about Tamara Thompson’s blog.
I conducted some simple research to show the differences between what’s available online regarding the various reverse phone lookup searches and will show three very different examples to include what bad web sites do to trick consumers and what a good web site should do to show they are trustworthy. As usual, I will also include what SearchBug does and what makes us different (and better) and why SearchBug customers appreciate everything we do.
When I click that continue to next step button I get the screen below which tries to convince me they are searching for even more stuff for some reason. So why would there be any names or addresses found in public records for a bogus phone number?
Keep in mind that because the phone number is fictitious the names and addresses could also be fictitious, however it’s impossible to check the information until the full records are purchased.
SearchBug tries to manage customer expectations, providing as much information as possible to let their customers make informed decisions. This entry was posted in phone and tagged bogus phone number, Cell Phone, fake phone number, invalid phone number, phone lookup scams, phone number, reverse phone lookup. Reverse phone lookup and background check service is helping citizens to stay safe no matter where they are in the world. Over a billion names, phone numbers, email addresses, court records and marriage records and sex offender records available to the public online. Reverse phone lookup and background check company is now helping citizens to stay safe regardless of their location in the world. The public accessibility of online dating and social media websites now makes it easy for people to meet that live in different locations. The ability for any citizen to do a free reverse phone lookup or background search in seconds is one way that security risks could be lessened or even eliminated online. The elderly population now has the ability to use private mobile phones that are specially designed for instant contact with family members. Employers often rely on background checks before hiring new employees to work in specific company departments. The powerful database now publicly available by Background Reports 360 includes access to every major database of consumer information available.

Background Reports 360 is a subsidiary of a leading data management firm that includes over one billion private records of citizens in U.S. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. I expect to see a phone number, fax number and address for a legitimate company that wants me to enter payment information online. Remember, this is the age of computers, we can tell if the number is valid or invalid in split seconds. These guys appear to be a landing page or reseller for Intelius because when you click thru pages you end up back on Intelius. Since Intelius now owns and operates USSearch, I would expect similar results from a company their size.
The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure the web site is reputable, has their address and phone number clearly displayed on the web site and provides enough information for you to make an informed decision if you want to do business with them or not.
Fast background reports are now available online from Background Reports 360 including all phones, court records and sex offender information of over half a billion citizens.
Data management company, Background Reports 360, is making its database of over a billion names, phone numbers, email addresses, court records and marriage records and sex offender records available to the public online. One of the benefits of these websites is the ability to correspond with new people instantly.
These services come at a reduced price and can often help bring peace of mind that loved ones are out of harms way in the daytime or evening hours. Not all background search companies use the same private databases that supply personal information. A company can pull up reports using a variety of data including driver’s license number, current and former street address, property records, divorce records and other key information to validate the identity of an employee or temporary worker.
But they do say, that you can reach them via phone for help, however to get the phone number, I had to engage in a live chat session during business hours.
Here you can clearly see they tell you there are 8 results in some premium database but they don’t give you any hint on the names. They do show you the cities and states, and as far as I know, a phone number can’t really be from several different states unless it was a cell phone and the owner moved and kept their number.

Even though the number is invalid, people evidently used the number on documents that end up in public domain and databases that are made available to the public and data brokers. This data can be accessed through the new online interface and all basic reverse phone lookup reports are offered free of charge.
A drawback to meeting people in a virtual setting is the safety risks that could be involved. Telephone scams are one way that criminal activity can reach elderly people that are now using mobile phones. It has been reported in recent news reports that some employees with backgrounds of committing criminal acts are using false information to obtain employment. The reverse phone number and background search reports that are provided help anyone to verify once privately held data. No way to tell if I was dealing with someone at the company or if it was outsourced to a third party. This service is designed to help anyone research the background information and contact information of any person in a matter of seconds. While companies have included simple verification of user accounts, there is no way to know if the information that two people are sharing with each other is correct without third party verification.
The average mobile phone number is not listed by cell carriers, but it is accessible to data companies that follow FCC laws of sharing information.
All of the reports and information conform to FCC regulations regarding consumer credit laws and statutes in all 50 states.
A family member with an elderly loved one can utilize a reverse phone lookup to quickly determine any number that is not listed in any telephone directory. The Background Reports 360 website is one of the first of its kind to offer instant information within seconds of using key pieces of data to do a public and private records search online.

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