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If you do find a telephone number in a programme or movie, it’s more than likely to be fictitious, reserved by individual countries for the purpose of TV and movies. The most famous example would have to be from the 2003 film Bruce Almighty, where Bruce (played by Jim Carrey) was paged by God (Morgan Freeman) on the number 7762323.
The UK’s directory of fictitious numbers is managed by Ofcom and reserves lists for geographic areas, mobile, freephone and premium rate numbers. And finally, for modern art connoisseurs of conceptualism, don’t miss the International Directory of Fictitious Telephone Numbers on show at the London Open from July to September.

Although, on the odd occasion these 'fictious directories' have been ignored to controversial and sometimes comical effect.
If you’d like to know more about UK places and their STD codes, have a look at our UK places directory.
The work consists of a printed telephone directory holding fictious numbers accompanied by a telephone. What they didn’t realise was that without an area code, several ‘live’ telephone numbers from all over USA and even Greater Manchester, UK received hundreds of unexpected phone calls from people wanting to speak to God!

Viewers frequently call these numbers out of interest, possibly in the hope of a gross oversight and get through to their favourite TV character or movie star. And the best (or worst) part is, some of the numbers actually got through to a church or pastors’ phone number!

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