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The purpose of Reverse Search Phone Numbers is to help you look for the owner of a specific phone number by making use of various dedicated online services that can reveal this information.
While you can also do the exact same thing using a search engine, this application has the advantage of offering you quick access to multiple websites that can reverse trace a phone number to find out its location and owner.
However, that is the only function of Reverse Search Phone Numbers, since no actual data is displayed within its main window once you enter the desired phone number, except for a phrase that tells you whether the number is found in the database of the target website. The reliability of Reverse Search Phone Numbers is questionable, as we could find out during our tests.

Reverse Search Phone Numbers can offer you fast access to 6 web directories that store phone number databases, some free and some based on paid scubscriptions. And actually, this is not surprizing at all, since the majority of such online services are not cost-free. Even though the application said that the input number is found, searching for it on the supported websites did not return any result at all. But its functionality is limited to that, since it does not perform a search itself to return a truthful result.

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