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My wife and I decided recently to eliminate our cell phones and use one service for our telecommunication needs.
This is a guide that shows you what you should look at when cancelling your Rogers cell phone.
My wife had to pay a fee of $100 which is what applied based on when her current contract would end. She paid her final month and early cancellation fee and then Rogers sent her this final invoice. This was just one example of how cell phone companies can take advantage of people with that pay invoices with zombie accounting (new term I made where people pay any invoice without looking at it closely).
If you just got into a cell phone contract and want to leave the contract, you can use Buyer Remorse. It applies to all contracts with the exception of house sale contracts, and contracts that state otherwise.
I just learned yesterday that Rogers charges $25 to have your phone number changed if you go to one of their stores to have it done.
I would have called Rogers like your wife did, and hoped to get an honest person to speak with.
I do not get, I have 3 months on my plan, Do I have to pay the $100 or $60 (3 X 20) and when I looked into it the balance on the phone was $14.95.
There’s a new LG mobile phone in town and it’s the QWERTY-equipped LG Neon TE365 from Rogers. The LG Neon TE365 is available in black and pink versions, but if you’re looking for something more feature-packed, then you’re most welcome to skip this one. I LOVE THIS PHONE I LOVE THE GRAPHICS OF THE MENU N TOUCH SCREEN DIALING PAD OH MY GOD TO DIE FOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOOOOO i'm with Fido where they only have that ugly black, but then saw it at Rogers and loved the pink so bought it and thought I could get it unlocked but so far everyone says they can't. Love the phone, awesome setting, nice functions HOWEVER very disapointed with the phone random turn offs.
I had this cellphone for 5 months now and i dropped it alot of times but it still works great! 2) Sometimes your previous texts from a few days or weeks ago will get MIXED in with current texts you’re sending out!!! 3) Oh and not to mention that the phone loves to shut off all by itself even if you have a full battery.
4) On random occasions, the phone will freeze and the screen will go all jagged with blackness or lines. 5) The touch tone feature it proclaims about is ONLY the NUMBERS option if you want to make a call out. 6) WARNING FOR THE TEXT LOVERS: I like to text too but with this phone…the text keypad is made of a really cheap quality because the letters on the buttons chip and rub off leaving you to try and guess what letters once were on what button. 7) The phone will make you miss calls… by not ringing even though your phone is on…and the ringer is on.
8) Sometimes the phone will not let you call out… or so you think because you will not hear the phone ringing of the person you are dialing…HOWEVER, that person you called CAN hear YOU!!
9) While you are on the phone talking away…in the middle of your conversation the phone will just hang up!

10) But the best is and scariest encounter is when this cute little LG Neon froze…and the only way to have it shut down was by pulling out the battery…in which I did… (cell phone in one hand and the battery in the other)…but never would I have guessed it to be possible if I didn’t see it for myself that the phone STILL had my frozen Screen picture still ON the PHONE as if it was still on!! I have been recommended by the technicians since there is nothing that they can do, that I return the phone. So if you haven’t purchased this phone yet, then please, I say… “RUN!!”… and if you are looking for a phone that has similar features that are of a better quality… then I would recommend viewing the Samsung Gravity… it has the cute Colour options (like white and teal green) and it has the slide out keyboard style just like this LG Neon…but just even looking at the quality and structure of the keypads… you can tell it is of a higher quality… and Samsung has been out longer in the cell phone industry and knows about their phones and is really good for their cell phones durability and reliability. This phone looks great and is easy for texting and all that, but the first one I got had a manufacturing error in the screen. UPDATED: Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 available online on September 24th, Hitting stores the week after? Listen up you die-hard RIM fan boys out there eagerly waiting for the local release of the BlackBerry Torch 9800.
No word yet from Telus on whether or not they’ll push through with their Torch 9800 launch tomorrow, but as far a Bell and Virgin Mobile are concerned, they’ll be coming out with theirs in October. An Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) applies if, for any reason, your service is terminated prior to the end of the service agreement.
It doesn’t feature HSDPA or WiFi connectivity, but at $29.99 after a $50 instant rebate when you get it on a 2 or 3 year contract, this is one very affordable QWERTY phone. For the people who's cellphones who randomly shuts off why don't you try and put the phone in "power save mode"? Within 3 hours of getting it as a 'free' (50 rebate) upgrade with my Rogers contract, I switched back to using my "old" 3 yr old Nokia flipphone. Possessed is what I may call it…but truly this phone has a mind of its own… it will turn off or in this case stay on…at it’s own convenience and not yours. According to Mobilesyrup, Rogers will begin accepting orders online for RIM’s first slider phone beginning tomorrow, September 24th, with store availability scheduled to follow suit the week after. So, will you be getting it from Rogers or will you just wait for the other carriers to come out with their respective Torch 9800 offers? The Canadian launch of the Torch 9800 has apparently been postponed to September 30th thus shutting the door on its possible release this week. The ECF is the greater of (ii) $100 or (iii) $20 per month remaining in the service agreement, to a maximum of $400 (plus applicable taxes), and applies on each line in the plan that is terminated. Luckily, I had a really honest employee when I asked to change my number (having recently moved) & she pushed me to go the free route. Includes Investing, Loans, RRSP, RESP, Credit Cards, Money Savings, Tax Savings, Retirement, Real Estate.
Yes it looks cute and that's why all the girls are, "OMG I luuuuuuuuuuuv this phone so much - to die for!".
I've had the Chocolate (terrible interface and very limited) with Telus and the Neon with Rogers. It is designed for teenagers to sit at the mall and spend time IMing on all the IM services their little hearts desire.
A She was paying an extra $3-5 more a month just for text messages sent and received (texting on the very very low end hence restricting herself from unleashing the texting beast). For example, many times when I say "hello", the other person can't hear me for the first 2 or 3 seconds of the call.

A She had one more week left on her contract.So I called in to the Retentions Department for her, spoke to Tristan (names have been changed) from the Retentions Department who said that if she added $5, then she can have 250 texts, AND she would have to recommit for another 2 years. Are you NOT listening to me??) But I kept my cool and I said she didn’t want to pay any more than what they are paying now, again. The best phones i think for reception and quailtymade is motorola that was my pone yesterda and i droped it about 30 times and it works the same and looks the sme when i first got it. Nicely.Then he spoke to his supervisor again (another 5 more minutes of waiting), and came back and said that they can offer a $5 credit for 2500 text messages and keep the price of the plan to $31 a month including taxes. A I asked him to repeat the above, to see if it included Rogers to Rogers, and he said yes. However, there are a lot of people nowadays wanting to get a Wind plan on the Rogers network. You have to understand that Rogers does offer a more reliable network ( I know some people have problems with coverage but they are a minority) It is by far bigger than these other companies with unlimited plans.
Yes I do know that you will find the occasional person who just could not care less but in my specific call center customer service is key. Also, you have to understand that Rogers only hires agents in Canada thus paying more for their agents.
Bell and Telus have pretty much the exact same plans as us but they hire agents abroad thus, paying them less.
People please use your common sense and don’t give out our cell number over the internet. Retention is also toughening up, cx were starting to only want to speak to them as they thought they could get credits every time they called in.
Also know that when you hear silence on the other line, the agent is either cursing at you, laughing at you, or gossiping with their neighbour while you yell at them.
I hate to say this but it is true that if you are nice to me, you have better chances of getting what you want. I will give a nice customer a $50 goodwill credit just o re-activate their account if they are having money problems. It was great seeing you not put up for the companies crap, but still maintaining your composure and acting cool and reserved. You simply wanted a better deal, and with some sly negotiating you were able to get it; and for your sister no less! Also 1 more thing everything thr other person said is true retention is getting harder they cannot offer on every call if you u wanna cancel they may just say ok here’s what it is to cancel and that’s it! Ive been forced to call 3 times now in 3 months for the same problem, each person at Roger’s would give me the run around, we would come to an agreement then they would assure me that I will see the correction on my next bill. Im tired of explaining the problem especially since it was the Call Center who screwed up the add-on I wanted for texting & put me on for long-distance instead!!! Is it as simple as simply asking calling the regular 800 number and asking to be put through to this area?

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