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After crunching the subsidized cell phone math and multiplying the mobile contract costs, I came to the conclusion that buying an unlocked iPhone 5 outright from Apple with zero ties to any contract-wielding carrier is a ringin’ deal.
Since this blog is about being a smarter, less spendy consumer, I’m going to walk you through my decision to spend a whopping $783 on a freaking smartphone. I have happily used my relic of a cell phone for the past 7 years, and I wrote about resisting the call of new phone technology in Do you really need that upgrade? While I’m awesome at delaying gratification, there comes a time when technology becomes unusable, deprecated, or broken. I love working in the Apple ecosystem, and spending more for an operating system, the applications, and hardware I prefer is worth it to me. Also, with so few carrier options, studies show that mobile service in Canada is overpriced and anti-competitive. Being dialed in and handcuffed to a contract and carrier was never my preference, but I still ran the numbers using the tools that have saved me money over the years — my brain and a spreadsheet. Mobile nerds can open my mobile cost comparison spreadsheet, but I’ll just tell everyone else the results. I then compared the monthly cost of going prepaid (aka Pay-As-You-Go) with PC Telecom and Koodo Mobile, a subsidiary of Telus with plans that let you carry-forward unused voice and data balances. After pricing out SIM cards, base plans, and calculating data needs, my preference went to Koodo Mobile for flexibility and a low $26.32 per month cost. Bottom Line: After doing two basic mathematical calculations known as addition and multiplication, I came to the conclusion that opting for a prepaid plan could save me nearly $30 per month, or just over $1,000 in monthly fees over three years.
Use your cell phone outside your local area or travel to another country, and you’ll likely get whacked in the wallet by crazy high roaming charges. It’s no shocker that Canada is known to have some of the world’s highest roaming rates. A SIM card is a small, thumbnail-sized chip that stores your phone number and personal information. I have every reason to be terrified of bill shock, especially since Canadians have little protection and warning when they’re set to hit data limits.
By April 2013, more than 97% of American wireless customers will get automatic usage alerts when consumption of data, voice, text, and international charges approaches or exceeds plan limits. Bottom Line: Paying the big bucks for an unlocked cell phone and opting for a prepaid plan can save you money by helping you to stick to a usage limit, capping spending, and avoiding the dreaded bill shock. Before dropping $783 on my brand new unlocked iPhone 5, I searched a slew of online classified sites to see if a used unlocked iPhone could be had for less.
After nearly laughing my a$$ off, I discovered that gently used unlocked smartphones are pretty decent at keeping a high resale value. Given my cell situation I’m set to save a minimum of $480 over the next three years by paying $783 outright for my fancy unlocked iPhone 5. How much would you have saved by ponying up the cash for that pricy cell before locking into a lengthy phone plan with a greedy service provider? I have been with Rogers for a few years now, and every now and then I have asked for discounts. I have thought about not having data, but I just personally feel that having a smartphone with no data defeats the purpose of having a smartphone.
Perhaps Telus has a habit of lying to me, but any time I’ve brought up the Sim situation in regards to swapping sims and bringing in unlocked phones.
Last year we had to deal with switching cell companies because of a buyout (DMTS->TBayTel). Since we travel to the US several weeks every year, and have three unlocked phones, (I kept my previous Galaxy S2 when I bought the Nexus 4) we have options. Lastly, if you travel a fair bit, you really need to look into having a dual SIM card phone, as it gives significant advantages. Montreal-based AmpMe, an app that allows users to play music in perfect sync across multiple devices simultaneously, today announced it has received $10 million CAD ($8 million USD) in Series A funding. The round for the company was led by Relay Ventures, with participation from Investissement Quebec, Slaight Music, OMERS Ventures, Townsgate Media, and Real Ventures.
Toronto-based Rover, a location-based mobile marketing platform, announced $1.1 million in seed funding. BDC Capital, 500 Startups, SaaS and marketing tech angel investors were all participants in the round. Rover’s platform uses beacon hardware to deliver location-relevant information to app users to influence their behaviours on-site.
Since completing the 500 Startups program in 2014, the company has engaged more than 7 million customers per month using location.
Saskatoon-based 7shifts, which provides employee scheduling software for restaurants, announced $1.2 million in seed funding. 7shifts will use the funding to expand their sales teams and add new features to their platform.
The platform allows restaurant managers to assign employees to shifts and approve requests; while staff can view their upcoming shifts and submit requests for manager approval. Buddybuild first launched in October 2015, and the demand for the solution was apparent back then, with an oversubscribed funding round of $1.2 million garnered in less than 24 hours. Though he’d worked with some of the biggest enterprises around, Pilarinos dreamed of being an entrepreneur since his days at Simon Fraser University – and when the idea for Buddybuild came up, it seemed like the right time. Creating that functionality and putting it out to the marketplace with a startup was a bit of a risk for a technology professional who had spent all of his working years in-house, Pilarinos acknowledged. That experiment paid off — they’ve already got over 2,000 companies using Buddybuild and the feedback has been extraordinary.
Nonetheless, Pilarinos is remarkably humble about what they’ve achieved thus far – and attempts to instill that sense of humility in his team of 16 as they move forward. This is also a made-in-Vancouver success story – essentially because Pilarinos insisted on that as a condition of funding. As Canada’s Prime Minister joins the world leaders meeting at the G7 Summit in Japan this week hashing out economic, political and environmental challenges on a global scale, one Vancouver-based technology innovator is putting fuel behind a very big idea. Beckwitt suggests that with technology available right now, we can transform a wasteful and polluting sector of the economy by using lower-emissions aircraft and ships and a zero-emission fleet of renewable electric trucks and electric rail.
Green tech startups in this country are particularly well-situated to experiment and innovate, inside or outside the freight sector, Beckwitt suggests. A new report examining the state of FinTech across the globe suggests that while FinTech investment is in a fairly healthy state, public market performance will present future challenges both for investors and startups. The report said that North American public FinTech companies — particularly in the lending space — are struggling with share prices, and that consolidation in the space is likely over the next 12 months.
With over 1 million apps deployed per month, Bitnami makes it incredibly easy to deploy apps with native installers, as virtual machines, or in the cloud. Erica joins us to share her story, how she got into tech and startups, what it’s been like building Bitnami, some of the challenges they’ve had to overcome, what it was like going through Y Combinator with a more established company, and much more!
Our mission is to inspire others and to help them realize that success begins with a first step – an often imperfect, incomplete, stumbled upon first step or “hack” – that leads to something bigger.
Just a little over a year ago today, Canadian tech darling Shopify took their company public. When summer came around, his team was forced to confront the question of what the company would sell during the season — would it be skateboards, or could they turn their new creation into a software company? With the rise of smartphone and iPad usage, industries across almost all verticals have been trying to figure out how to leverage the technology people are already using to improve their own processes. Knowledgehook, a recent winner of Google’s Game Changer Award, went on The Disruptors to describe how its platform is revolutionizing math education.
Co-host Bruce Croxon liked that Knowledgehook empowered teachers to find innovative ways to teach in a way that engages students. As part of this mandate to stay open to experimentation, GoSpaces, a project under the Shopify Garage umbrella, has launched in 38 countries, operating in 20 different languages. For the past six months or so, a core team has been working on GoSpaces under Shopify Garage — the general name the company gives to experimental company projects. Roldan said that the team “simplified” the Shopify experience in GoSpaces for these international markets.
And there are many opportunities for making a mark across these markets, which Roldan said doesn’t have many competitors — GoSpaces reports that Singapore is the top-rated country for doing business, and Italy and Greece have the highest levels of youth entrepreneurship. The project is still in its early stages as the team looks forward to learning more about what international customers are looking for as a go-to ecommerce platform.
Oneiric, which develops an all-in-one protective base layer for children who play hockey, took the top prize of $10,000. The event is organized by the Golden Triangle Angel Network, a not-for-profit with over 100 members that have invested more than $30 million dollars in early stage companies. A leading Canadian Finance expert and catalyst, Richard Remillard knows the secret to a long-lasting economy. Spending most of his career as a consultant and leader, Richard is the President of Remillard Consulting Group, an Ottawa-based firm specializing in business issues and public policies involving the Canadian financial services industry. In this week’s #StartupPodcast, Richard will give you a bird’s eye view of the evolution of Canada’s financing environment for entrepreneurs. The Startup Canada Podcast Show is a production of Startup Canada, a grassroots, entrepreneur-led movement to bring together, celebrate, and give a voice to Canada’s entrepreneurship community. Since 2010, GROW has delivered every year on its promise to bring together the best founders, executives, and investors for a curated experience exploring the ways entrepreneurs can build a billion-dollar company.
But in a blog post on Grow’s website, Debbie Landa, founder of GROW, announced that 2016 would be a no-grow year.

As the CEO of Dealmaker Media since 2000, Landa has used curated conferences to help people outside and inside of the startup community understand the changes happening in the startup community and their impact. Drew and James open the show with a quick chat about project scopes, some discussion on analytics, and excellent internet in South Korea. Dean Sutton is an entrepreneur and mentor to many different startups in the Vancouver community.
In the interview, Dean gives a lot of insight into how Canadian companies can expand to Asia, why they may need help, and how they can get started with almost no investment. Dean is not an employee at Istuary, so he is there to advocate, and act as an outsider, when dealing with new ideas and businesses.
The Vancouver Tech Podcast is a weekly show focusing on the growing tech industry in the city of Vancouver.
Since Toronto-based Unata was founded in 2011, the company has been rapidly expanding both its cloud-based retail platform and its team — currently, Unata is at 30 employees and plans to grow to 60 by the end of the year, and last year was identified as a Deloitte Fast 50 company.
Speaking at TechToronto, Unata founder Chris Bryson identified the philosophy that he says contributes to the success of the company: applying a product mentality to everything.
While finding strong talent sounds like the basic startup rule of thumb, Bryson said that a good team still has to buy into a series of smaller products within the company to get them engaged; everything from company culture to investor presentation should be looked at as a product in its own right. Note: WeTeachStartup has informed us that anyone who has already registered has been reserved a spot and refunded for any fees already paid. Welcome to the FinTech Times, a weekly newsletter covering the biggest FinTech news from around the globe. The central aim of the study, which will be published Spring 2017, is to advise regulators and authorities on how to ensure regulation doesn’t impede innovation or competition. Adam Tune from the Toronto band talks about how his most valuable financial lessons came from realizing he could live happily being broke.
ReUp’s white-label mobile payment platform allows independent businesses to build their own native mobile payment apps.
The deal, which includes key personnel and intellectual property specific to Coin’s wearables payment platform, is intended to fast-forward Fitbit’s ability to put NFC payments in its devices. Pali Bhat, Google’s senior director of product management for Android Pay, says that one and a half million users in the U.S. A look at each of the individual blockchain ventures that have ranked in the top 25 of crowdfunding campaigns.
The Thunder network is an alternative network of nodes that lets you make off-chain bitcoin payments in seconds and settle back to the bitcoin blockchain every now and then. UGO Wallet, for Android devices running on operating system version 4.4 or higher, will now use encrypted tokens during mobile Visa payment transactions. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Wearable Weekly using the form below to make sure it hits your email inbox every week!
Don’t forget to subscribe to The Wearable Weekly using the form below to make sure it hits your email inbox every week! ReUp’s white-label mobile payment platform allows independent businesses to build their own native mobile payment apps. The company has 50 businesses signed up to the platform and has process $100,000 in payments. Co-host Bruce Croxon said that the company is entering a challenging space as there are many other competitors looking to make it easier to accept payments. Co-host Amber Kanwar said that it could be ReUp’s cost efficiency that separates it from the rest. Food is one of the hottest verticals for startups because, when it comes down to it, everyone needs to eat. Toronto-based Instabuggy, a grocery delivery service, wants to be the go-to destination for any of its customers’ food-related needs. The company has attracted the attention of grocery industry heavyweights like former Loblaws senior vice president Bill Binder, who is joining the company’s board of directors, and is expanding into Ottawa with Sobeys Urban Fresh and FreshCo. With the funding, Instabuggy remains focused on its core product — delivering groceries from local marketplaces in under an hour — and is moving into the prepared-meal delivery space, which is currently hot in Toronto with services like Feast and Mealsurfers rising in popularity.
Instabuggy’s grocery partners will have their in-store chefs — Summerhill Market, for its part, has 150 chefs working out of its store — prepare gourmet meals to be delivered to customers in under an hour. In the past, grocery stores saw companies like Instabuggy as disruptors and competitors, but nowadays, grocery stores are turning to startups for help in becoming more ecommerce friendly and gaining helpful data. One of the most enticing things about the Small Business Challenge is that the top prize is $100,000. In my case, that was one of the things — how do I come up with a compelling answer for how I would use this money? Besides the money, was there any doubt behind the stage you were at or whether you could stand out? I knew that to separate myself from the competition, I would have to have a really good plan. The other thing is really having a plan talking about what the results of the $100,000 would be.
For any type of pitch contest, I think the clearer you can make things for the judges and the more data you can give, it just makes your case stronger.
How does this challenge compare to what people would see on TV, like on Dragons’ Den? Do you have any other tips for other startups entering the Small Business Challenge this year? An unlocked cell phone is not tied to the carrier you bought it from and can be used with most mobile carriers anywhere in the world by swapping something called a SIM card. The world (and internet) have changed drastically since I starting using my 2006 candybar cell, and not being able to text friends, check my email, or do bloggy-related things online made my old phone a major liability.
First off, Canadians have the world’s longest mobile phone contracts — sign up for a subsidized phone with one of the big three carriers (Bell, Rogers, or Telus) and expect to be on the hook for three long years. After comparing the cheapest cell plans offered by Rogers, Telus, and Bell, the numbers were so uncompetitive and similar that averaging a price with a subsidized iPhone 5 was so easy-peasy, it kinda made me queasy. Going prepaid with an unlocked phone also gives me the flexibility to swap SIMs and switch providers if a better deal comes to town. Bell Canada issued this Canuck a $9,350 data roaming bill after his visit to Israel, but excessive smartphone roaming fees can happen during quick jaunts to neighbouring countries too. Americans may have greater choice in the mobile market, but there are cases where roaming Yankees got stuck with a $10,000 phone bill too. When your cell phone is not locked to a specific carrier, you can easily switch networks by swapping the SIM with one from a local service provider and avoid exorbitant roaming charges. It happens when you unknowingly go over your plan’s voice or data limits and your provider charges you dearly for the overage, without warning. Wading through the used locked iPhones was a hassle, especially since most were being sold with a 2-year contract still attached!
If you like upgrading your mobile gadgets often, choosing to pay more up front for an unlocked device could save you a bit of money since the resale value is decent. And these savings do not account for potential overages, roaming fees, and other gotchas an inflexible contract might cost. This spring, they allowed me to upgrade from my blackberry 9780 to an iphone 4s (while still under my 3 year contract) for free! It was expensive at the outset but looking back it’s one of th smartest purchases I have ever made.
Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun.
The music-syncing app allows users to create their own sound system by allowing the same song to play across an unlimited number of devices. Rover plans to use the funding to continue development on its location-based marketing platform and accelerate hiring, particularly at its Toronto office.
With Rover’s CMS, mobile marketers can easily build and deploy campaigns within minutes without coding knowledge, while the platform provides engagement metrics that inform future campaigns.
The company’s funding round was led by Relay Ventures, with participation from Globalive Capital, Boost VC, and Tim Draper. 7shifts has more than 1,900 restaurants in North America, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and Australia using the platform. Between building it, testing, deploying, and adapting to feedback from actual users, the process could be a hard slog, even for a tech giant like Amazon or Microsoft. Much of that early enthusiasm from investors came from trust in Dennis Pilarinos, the founder and CEO, who had earned his stripes as a high level program manager developing popular products for Amazon and Microsoft.
He’d seen from the inside how the process of mobile app development wasn’t efficient – and realized, after doing some research, that app development on competing systems wasn’t any better. Whistle Labs senior iOS engineer Scott Bates, for instance, calls Buddybuild “without question, the best mobile focused build tool available. Freightera CEO Eric Beckwitt was selected by the leading publication on climate change attending the summit to write the lead statement on the future of how we ship products from A to B around the world: A Green Future for Freight.
Their cloud-based B2B online freight marketplace matches carriers with shippers who can instantly compare all-inclusive freight quotes before they book – ultimately bringing order to what is presently a very chaotic and divided marketplace. Corporate participation in deals to North American FinTech companies rose for the second straight quarter and hit a 5-quarter high at 26 percent.
At the same time, payments is no longer a key component of FinTech investment globally; there were few startups in the payments space during Q1 2016, which the report notes is likely due to market saturation and the success of companies like Square and Stripe. She’s also been responsible for all their partnerships with big brands like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and VMWare.

Most people aren’t sure where or how to start, but hopefully the stories and insights we’ll be sharing on this podcast will help.
To mark the occasion, Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke took to Twitter to release the roadshow video introducing Wall Street to the Ottawa company. The interactive platform analyzes the academic performance of math students in real time, while giving teachers access to questions designed to fit their curriculum. Earlier this month, Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein outlined how the company still hosts hackathons and “Ask Me Anything” sessions with its employees in an effort to always stay innovative. As a more flexible platform, the GoSpaces team says that earlier stage businesses can validate and test ideas more easily. Suncayr, a nanotechnology company that has created a “spot” that warns when sunscreen has worn off exposing skin to UV, took the second place prize of $5,000.
Learn what needs to be done to unleash untapped capital in Canada to fuel the next wave of Canada’s high-growth business.
On the podcast, award-winning entrepreneur host Rivers Corbett speaks with the movers and shakers of Canada’s entrepreneurship community to give a glimpse into the future of business, and share insights on everything from social innovation to the future of work, investing, and why we need to think bigger to take our businesses global. In the past, the event has had speakers across diverse industries, including Amit Singh, president of Google for Work, Evernote COO Linda Kozlowski, and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield. She ran the Under the Radar conference for 10 years, which included appearances from unicorns like LinkedIn, and detailed in the post how GROW was a catalyst in creating the accelerator that is now HIGHLINE. Our interview today is with Dean Sutton, who has many roles, but is currently helping the local incubator, Istuary. When he went to pitch a company to the founder of Istuary, the founder was so impressed with Dean that he wanted him to help out with the new project called Istuary Idea Labs.
Dean also speaks a little about how Canadians are different from other entrepreneurs south of the border, as well as what we can do to help change that mindset. He has been to China himself, so he understands what it takes to coach a business into a state where they can be successful.
Get caught up on the events and meetups around town, startups, new businesses, developers, designers, community programs, and news. To guarantee a spot (and check out the full programming and speaker list), head to the Eventbrite page here.
And ReUp, one of the latest startups pitching on The Disruptors, wants to help independent businesses carve their own space in the mobile world.
Users can easily drag-and-drop design elements while building their app, and once satisfied, ReUp publishes the app to the app store on behalf of the business. Whether it’s UberEATS delivering your meals from your favourite restaurants or a grocery delivery service, so long as the startup gets the logistics down, it’s a crowded vertical constantly in-demand. Starting out last year as a grocery delivery company promising delivery in under an hour, Instabuggy said that what separates it from competitors is its transparency. It’s also closed the round of a “massive” Series A, according to Gleizer, though he wouldn’t disclose a precise amount because of certain NDAs with investors. I read about the contest and I thought it was a great opportunity, and I thought that if I won the money it could make a huge difference for my business. In my case, it meant being able to hire on a couple of full-time employees and pay them for an entire year, as well as having a chunk of money to advertise in new markets and spread the word of AquaMobile. So aside from me talking and being prepared for my presentation, I made it visual so that the judges could see what I was talking about. Besides the $100,000 prize, there’s a number of small prizes, like each of the semi-finalists get $10,000. When there’s so much at stake, just putting in that extra time can go a long way in separating you from the competition. Contract termination fees can cost you hundreds, even if you’re staying with the same carrier.
Heck, this Verizon customer racked up a $1,500 cell phone bill in 12 days thanks to a little travel. The shock part happens when a defibrillator is needed to revive your body after your brain realizes the financial impact of that massive cell phone bill. After adding up contract costs, comparing unlocked and subsidized phone options, fearing bill shock, and popping SIMs to avoid roaming fees, I think maybe it’s time to rethink how we buy cell phones. I just had to send the phone back (which I paid $50 for 2 years ago), and the iphone was brand new (not refurbished) as it was sealed. I’m a big traveller and have taken it to a number of countries and have always had an easy cheap time using it wherever I am in the world.
At your destination, most airports have SIM card kiosks near the baggage pickup area, so you can buy a new SIM card for that country real cheap. The company counts Procter & Gamble and the Pittsburgh Penguins among its users, and also has an office in San Francisco. The company also has partnerships and integrations with POS companies like TouchBistro, Toast, and Cake.
However, Vancouver-based Buddybuild has a solution that makes it easier for app builders to innovate faster and cheaper than ever – and they’ve just announced a Series A round of $7.6 million in financing to fuel rapid growth for their slick solution. When his team was developing Amazon’s Fire Phone, he was meeting regularly with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. We’re focused on improving.” He suggests that if you have one out of 50 users that’s complaining on social media, you need to make it a priority to fix their problem, reach out to them, and hopefully make their experience more positive. They’re now a part of Vancouver’s fast-growing tech hub – building relationships with other local companies to help foster that local community. There are huge problems to solve, but Canadian entrepreneurs in the burgeoning green economy can be a big part of the solution. Even with advances in technology, “the hardest thing to do is get long haul freight transport with zero emissions… and the primary holdup is just fragmentation,” Beckwitt said. If that’s not done, we could instead be looking at emissions going up by 290 percent by 2050. However, over the next 12 months, VC investment in robo-advisory is expected to grow, especially among corporate investors that want to embed the technology within their service offerings. She’s also led their sales effort – which has enabled them to remain mostly bootstrapped all these years. The platform has features similar to Shopify — including payments processing, task automation, and an easy-to-use website builder — but Bruno Roldan, Shopify’s VP of Growth, says that the launch comes down to testing the reception in foreign markets. We’ve continuously added different payment gateways, put forth different currencies on the platform, and this is just a way for us to try a different experience and try a different venue,” Roldan said.
Taking third place was Skywatch, which is building an online marketplace for satellite data and imagery. Join Rivers Corbett for new episodes every Tuesday airing at 10 AM ET for lessons, trends, and opportunities in entrepreneurship from Vancouver to Fredericton; and Israel to Peru.
It’s something I think we covered in terms of ensuring we service all verticals customers look for,” Gleizer said. I feel like over the years, as AquaMobile grows and I get deeper into it, I know the business so well, so I was ready for whatever they wanted to throw my way when it came time to the pitch competition. So this year, in part with the money we won from the Small Business Challenge, we’ve been expanding to a number of new areas. Canadians are the big losers in the mobile space, paying a chart topping $67.50 for voice, text, and data plans. I now have a bag of SIMs I keep in my wallet and just swap out for the one I need on the plane and I’ve got phone service as soon as I touch down! The company indicated that it would continue to build on features like YouTube integrations. There are many quick wins Beckwitt points out that could ultimately pay off in huge dividends for the environment: “Just look at the impact of shipping ocean cargo and what we could do there. With the price of fossil fuels resources falling, there’s an irreversible move to renewable resources. People willing to stand up, be counted, and put their money where their mouth is and launch a business. We are in overdrive mode, so we are also doing a lot of interesting things that not one player currently does,” Gleizer said.
It’s a bit different in that you really be zero-in on the points for the judges in the Small Business Challenge. So because of that, we’re sitting at 1,200 instructors on our roster and that number should be going up. So, having data has been useful when there is no wifi connection (which I found that only McDonald’s, Starbucks or Tim Hortons to be the few places that I can connect to wifi). They gave me an offer of adding 500 mb for $5 more or for another $5 for 1GB (or the same $5 for 6gb) so I took the 6GB offer, since I felt it to be the better deal.
The emissions controls we have on land are highly advanced compared to what’s going on in shipping on water. They [competitors] offer groceries at a higher price than in-store prices, and you don’t know where these prices are coming from,” said Julian Gleizer, founder of Instabuggy.
So far we’re seeing huge demand from the Vancouver market — more than we were expecting.

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