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The CPR5000 comes with 5000 scam and fraud numbers pre programmed into the device, ensuring that they are automatically blocked. Unknown caller blocking – based on your preference, the device can also prevent calls coming from an unknown number. The CPR5000 is the best in class from the CPR International company – and it shows in this latest version. If you make a mistake and block the wrong number, its not that big of a problem, you can view all of the blocked numbers and remove them one by one if you want the calls to go through.
The one major con that most people find out after they buy the device is that you need caller ID in order for this product to work.
Secondly, if you run a business, the total number of calls that you can block may be limited if you are receiving a lot of calls per day.
Lastly, there is no way currently to update the spam directory that is included on the product right when you take it out of the box.

In summary, this call blocker is top of the line when it comes to reliability and performance.
Toronto Blue Jays president Paul Beeston honors former player Roberto Alomar (not pictured) during a ceremony to retire his number 12 before the game against the Texas Rangers at the Rogers Centre. In this review, we will be looking at the features of the CPR5000 Call Blocker – an all-in-one call blocker for a wide variety of issues and calls.
This may cost you extra per year from your carrier, but sometimes it is included for free depending on your plan.
It might be wise to look into more products that allow a larger number of calls to be blocked instead of the blacklist limit of 6,500. This means that as time goes on, the spammers will get smarter and change their numbers – so after a few years you may find that a number that should have been blocked originally has not been added to the blacklist directory.
The added bonus of coming pre-installed with 5000 spam numbers makes it an easy choice when it comes to what to purchase if you are being annoyed by spam callers or political robo calls.

If you remember earlier this year we reviewed the similar CPR V202 call blocker – but the company has improved its latest device with some much-needed features and specs. If you do ever need to add numbers to the device it comes with a one click button or a manual entry as well if you already have a pre-existing list. This makes it easy for you to get rid of annoying callers from anywhere within your home of business.
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