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We will help you how to effectively locate a missing Galaxy S4 using the native features of your Samsung Smartphone. Note that the series of steps below should be done as soon as you have a strong belief that your Android device has gone missing.
On Thursday 14th March 2013, Samsung unveiled their “Next Galaxy” device to the world, was it worth the wait and what new features did it bring?
Well it finally happened, on Thursday 14th March 2013 at about 11 pm GMT, after months and months of speculation and rumours, Samsung took center stage at Radio City Music Hall, New York to unveil the successor to their highly selling Galaxy S III smartphone, the Galaxy S4, their flagship device for 2013.
Let’s start with the display, the Galaxy S4 has a 5 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, giving it a pixel density of 441 ppi, which seems to be the trend in smartphones this year.
As mentioned above there is a 2 MP front facing camera but flipping over to the back, we can see the design is again remniscent of the Galaxy S III. Samsung had a feature in the Galaxy S III called Smart Stay which basically would prevent the screen from locking as long as the front facing camera detected your eyes looking at it (One could argue, the desired effect could also be achieved by turning off autolock but that’s another issue). There are also a few more innovative features like Story Album which curates various content such as memos, location, weather information combined with pictures and videos to create a personalised photo album, a nice way to treasure the memories and  S Health Software which keeps you up to date with health and wellbeing information through a range of accessories.
Update: Samsung Mobile UK has confirmed that the Galaxy S4 will now launch in the UK on 27th of April 2013. I’m a 23 year old Maths Graduate, who has a great passion for technology and in my spare time I make videos on YouTube to show my passion. Another thing is that most of the features in the S4 will be available on the S3, this makes it a harder choice to love the S4. I thought you were exactly right when you noted this is evolutionary, rather than revolutionary.
My only criticism is that it was a quite a bit longer than I would of liked but apart from that it was a very well written and expressed article. Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S4 Find My Phone for S4 is ready for setup on your Samsung account. Kata Rina Posts 27 Posts Re: Find My Phone for S4 is ready for setup on your Samsung account. DeerFilm Posts 42 Posts Find My Phone for S4 is ready for setup on your Samsung account. DeerFilm Posts 42 Posts Re: Find My Phone for S4 is ready for setup on your Samsung account. Rashawn29 Posts 114 Posts Re: Find My Phone for S4 is ready for setup on your Samsung account.
Parafly Posts 207 Posts Global Posts 331 Global Posts Re: Find My Phone for S4 is ready for setup on your Samsung account. Unveiling the ultimate TV - our best picture yet delivers the most lifelike colors imaginable with Quantum Dot Color. With its stylish design and quick access to apps and notifications, the new Samsung Gear S2 helps you dial in to every moment.
Introducing the new Family Hub Refrigerator - connect with your family, manage food, entertain, and more.
Connect all of your compatible smart home decides, and easily control and monitor your home from your smart phone.
The Bottom Line The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most powerful phone we've ever tested and its bold, Full HD screen is the best in the business.
Samsung's Galaxy S3 was one of the most popular phones of last year, rivalled only by the iPhone. Make sure that the Remote Controls switch is active or in green, and the Use Wireless Networks option under Location Consent has been checked.
Go to the Find My Mobile page at the official website of Samsung using any Internet-enabled device.
If you have more than one device registered using your Samsung account, choose the one that has gone missing. If your device is not within your vicinity, you can lock its screen using the configurations under the Lock My Mobile section.

If you are positive that your device has been stolen and retrieval is already impossible, or there are important data that you have to protect from prying eyes, you can delete all the contents of your missing phone using the Wipe My Mobile option.
This is only slightly bigger than the Galaxy S III so people hopefully shouldn’t find it too big in the hand. However the Galaxy S4 camera has been bumped up to a 13 MP sensor with autofocus and an LED Flash, capable of recording 1080p video at 30 fps.
This feature allows you take videos and photos using both cameras on the device and then combine the pictures together. As an aside, I’ll have a full written review of the Samsung GALAXY Camera in a few weeks so stay tuned for that. Air View allows you to hover with your fingers to preview the content of an email, S Planner, image gallery or video without actually opening it.
It can monitor the number of steps you walk with the inbuilt pedometer which is a nice addition.
This isn’t a rumour article but just as an aside, 6.3 inches is awfully specific, is this suggesting the size of the Galaxy Note III? Check out this post by Nathan Ingraham from The Verge for more information on that but it should help MoBeam get some recognition since it’s launching on the Galaxy S4 first. If you have a Galaxy S III, there’s no real reason to upgrade apart from a faster processor or better cameras. Were you impressed or disappointed, do you think it will prove a worthy competitor for the other high end phones out currently? Sounds like it will be a great device, but I wonder how much of the new stuff is more gimmick than innovation. 8 cores is kindof useless until most apps start adopting it , which isnt going to happen until a long time. I really want to switch to the S4, but if apple suddenly creats an amazing phone then im stuck with this phone. A big concern of device vendors is differentiation, and I believe we may be seeing Samsung seek to stand out by creating an exclusive feature set, possibly software that’s, to a degree, backwards compatible. Thinking about it now, I’d definitely upgrade to this if my upgrade was due this year.
Its plastic construction is a drawback and some of you might find it complicated to use, but there's no question that it's a seriously good phone. It played a huge role in unseating Apple's dominance of the mobile world, so all eyes have been on Samsung to see what it will bring to the table with its next super phone.
There is a Samsung logo etched in the centre and the speaker which was to the right of the camera before has now been moved to the bottom. Describing this feature in words doesn’t do it full justice, so do check the video below by Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo for a proper demonstration.
It also comes packed with 2 GB RAM so this should ensure smooth performance even when gaming or watching high def videos back on the device. Similarly Air Gestures allows you to change music tracks, scroll up and down a webpage or even accept a call by just waving your hand.
This works for videos viewed on the device so if for example while you’re watching a video you look away at something else, the video automatically pauses and then later resumes when you look at the display again.
Yes Dual Camera is quite innovative and looks good from the videos I’ve seen but how often would I use this feature? As you say, you learn that by living with it for a while and going with what works for you. As in terms of people upgrading, anyone with the latest new handsets might not bother except people like me who still have phones like the HTC Incredible S, which is just scraping by haha, so it is something I will have to look into and compare. I think this time it wont be full on domination with the GS4 as it was with the S3 as both Sony and HTC have some pretty great phones.
I really dont expect apple to release any amazing new features, but one can always surprise. One of the features I like is the game-pad, excellent addition to this and definitely adds an extra dimension to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Similar to last year the screen is the main focus of the front, since the bezel around it is very minimal and the front as a whole is very minimal. Eraser allows you to remove people in the background from pictures (similar to HTC Zoe on the HTC One).
For storage options, the Galaxy S4 comes in 16, 32 and 64 GB variants and these are all expandable up to an additional 64 GB with a micro SD Card.
These might seem a bit gimmicky to some, but it could prove useful for those cases when your hands are wet or dirty.
Group Play allows you enjoy music, photos and games with people around you without needing a WiFi or cellular signal. The Touchwiz improvements such as Air View and Air Gestures are slightly gimmicky, at least on the surface. There are two soft touch capacitive buttons for back and menu functions and Samsung continues the tradition of a physical home button in the centre. The fact that this sensor is 13 MP and has a lot of great modes should mean at least on paper that you get some great shots with this device. The Galaxy S4 is only 7.9 mm thin and weighs 130 grams (3 grams less then the Galaxy S III), making it quite light indeed. As for Smart Scroll this is not eye tracking as was heavily rumored but rather it relies on facial recognition and the tilt of the device to scroll through emails and web pages. Having said that, I did find the Galaxy S III’s Smart Stay feature quite weird and pointless initially but I do actually appreciate it now having used the device for about six months or so. It is more than what the iPhone 4s has given us and is still sporting all the great features of Android which will still keep it up there in terms of most useful and productive smartphones, but what Samsung have given it is 90% gimmicky.
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Above the display, you’ll find the notification LED, earpiece, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and a 2 MP Front facing camera capable of recording 1080p HD video at full 30 frames per second (fps). The Galaxy S4 comes packed with NFC as well, a common standard in the high end smartphone world we live in today. As your head moves towards the bottom of the page, more text appears and so essentially you can scroll without ever touching the screen. I think Samsung have played it safe by keeping the design fairly similar as for most people the upgrade cycle is two years.
That being said there were some good things about the S4 but overall I am not very impressed and it hasn’t taken the world by storm like the Galaxy S2 and 3 did.
This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This could be useful especially in cases where you have to use the device one handed, in the rain while holding an umbrella for example. There was an internet outcry when people realised the design was the same, which is funny because a certain fruit shaped company seems to get away with it every year. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained. I digress, back to the phone, there’s a lot of high end and powerful phones out this year from the Sony Xperia Z, the HTC One and now the Galaxy S4, not forgetting the upcoming next iPhone. I’m reserving full judgement till I get my hands on one but at least from the event I was slightly underwhelmed, I expected a breakthrough but instead I got a spec bump with a few useful but slightly gimmicky features. Having said that I do like the phone, I just feel Samsung could have done a lot better, hopefully the Galaxy S5 is a true revolution.

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