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That was our thinking when we responded to Santander’s brief to make their premier banking offer less corporate and more contemporary. For Latin America’s leading bank we created a unique retail bank design environment which would also be used for seminars, social events and networking. The new ‘Select’ design, launched in Mexico, has proved so popular that Santander are using it as a template for their Premier branches worldwide. Aston University is part of the International Santander Universities network, which specialises in financing and supporting educational institutions.
Santander SME Internship Programme The Santander Internship Programme is a scheme which provides final year students and recent graduates paid-for work experience with local business.
Santander is committed to encouraging and promoting enterprise at all stages of the business cycle.
Santander announced its plan to offer €293 million, or $384 million, to completely acquire minority investors in Banco Santander, S.A. This move is part of a broader restructuring of Spain’s fragile financial system, which faced a major collapse in the property market back in 2008. Santander reported that the decision to unify its main brands will reduce its network to a total of 4000 offices in Spain and some 14,000 offices  around the world.
Santander added that the total number of bank branches in Spain was anticipated to fall down to 30,000 by the end of year 2015. Other significant branch closures have also been announced by some Spanish banks, including Bankia, whose financial short fall forced the government to convince a European bank to acquire Bankia for a total of €100 billion in June.
If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud. As soon as I receive the above account details I shall proceed further with your fund transfer.

Meanwhile, our bank policy does not allow us to make a direct wire transfer from a NON-INVESTMENT TRANSIT HOLDING ACCOUNT to beneficiaries account all international transfers starting from A?250,000.00 above must be lodged in an account here in our bank, it is from this same account that we will commence onward transfer to your bank account in your country, So therefore, since you do not have an operational bank account with our bank, we will need to open a NON-RESIDENTIAL BANK ACCOUNT in your name for the transfer. Our account-processing department will help you set up the new bank account and your winning funds will be lodge in the new bank account that we will set up for you, it is from this account that we would then commence your onward fund transfer to your bank account in your country. As soon as the new account is set up we will immediately notify you by sending you the computer print out of your newly opened statement of account.
Do view the attached form below to confirm your account information as this financial institute will not be held responsible for furnishing us with the account information. This is to inform you that our account department has successfully opened a new bank account in your name for your fund transfer, The new account that we open for you was set up with a zero balance, it is obvious that you must have an initial opening minimum deposit in the new account before it could be fully activated to receive your winning fund.
The only delay we have now is the account activation fee of your newly opened account with us as soon as we receive the account activation fee we will immediately activation your new accounts with us lodge in your fund and make your transfer and in the nest 48hrs your fund will be in your account in your country. Since joining the network, the bank’s gifts to the University have provided funding for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and awards, academic exchanges, support for entrepreneurial activities and research. This programme will be helping to create 500 new internship opportunities for students within local businesses.
One area that needs more support is marketing brilliant ideas, which in a good deal of cases are born in the classrooms of many UK campuses. Following the financial crunch, the Government of Spain has been pushing for mergers and acquisitions to form lesser banks.
Please note that the National Lottery board has warned that all funds must be claimed within 14days starting from the date when this fund was lodged in this bank and we want to assure you that this transfer will not last more than 7days if you give us all the support we need from you regarding this transfer.
We are happy to inform you that the file for Your Instructional Payment Instrument (IPI) valued at A?789,000.00 (Seven Hundred and eighty Nine Thousand British Pounds ) from your principal United Kingdom Microsoft Online Award has arrived in our suspense NON-INVESTMENT TRANSIT HOLDING ACCOUNT and the Beneficiary is MKONTO as it is clearly stated in the payment instrument.
Please ensure that you do not transfer your account information to a third party for security reasons as we shall not be held liable for any fraudulent action on your fund as a result of your misuse of your account particulars.

Santander is contributing 50% of the funding for the internship with the other 50% being funded by the SME. Enterprising undergraduates and graduates in the UK are invited to enter Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards, which offer a top prize to the best idea presented to an expert panel of judges. The acquisition took place in 1994, following a massive short fall of capital revealed by an audit report. If suspected to have been mistakenly taken by a third party, please contact us urgently for immediate action to be taken. The Programme enables participating local businesses to recruit final year students and recent graduates. It said the job cut plan will follow transfers around the group, voluntary redundancy and natural turnover.
The internship will last for 3 months and the intern will receive 1000 per month from the Programme.
The awards aim to support and encourage university students to pursue their business ideas and are open to students from all participating UK universities currently partnering with Santander Universities. How to Apply In order to apply for an internship you must first register with Santander Universities.
For more information on how to get support for enterprise at Aston, visit Aston Enterprise.

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