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A community-driven documentation center that spawns the entire open Web platform is a needed and welcome resource for developers. A filipino friend of mine wears blue-grey contacts occasionally (with natural dark brown eyes). While it's possible that the quality of colored contacts may have improved over the years, I can always tell. They're better but they still have that same problem, there's no depth to it, and people have a natural tenancy to notice anything wrong with eyes.
I should clarify first that I am interested in whether the colors intended to look natural do look natural nowadays.
Also - I am not of an ethnic background for which it would be unusal to see different colors of eyes. I find they're convincing enough for everyday, casual use, in that I have been told that someone was wearing contacts when I commented on their eye colour. I know a handful of people - that I know of - who wear colored contact lenses and no one can tell.

Once upon a time, my doc was out of non-colored samples and gave me what I would have through were creepy turquoise lenses to wear for a week. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what?s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. Facebook is proud to contribute to this initiative and we are are looking forward to see where the community takes it. Lots of different colors, and a natural pattern, but they were a bit more opaque, less depth-- light didn't reflect from behind like real eyes. Historically, I have been fooled by certain shades of green and purple for people with brown eyes, and never by blue contacts on people with brown eyes.
While the colors on the lenses themselves have come to incorporate more hues than one (thus giving them more depth), it also depends on whether the person chooses a shade that suits them.
They weren't painfully obvious or anything until I found myself staring at them for a while and gradually noticed they were in fact colored.

Presumably, there are people all around us wearing colored contact lenses and only their eye doctor knows for sure. I never got used to seeing him in them, and I believe I would have had the same reaction if I didn't know him before. It's like with tanning - no amount of technology can replicate the ways light hits the natural iris, the ways irises change - as you age, with light, with temperature, with weather, shadowing, with clothing, etc. Most people tend to remark on the color and will ask, at which point I will cop to them being plastic. It was a more dramatic difference than seeing who is attentive when you are wearing 400 pounds of makeup and a bridesmaid dress with a push-up bra vs. A few woman asked me if I had changed my eye makeup or had my eyebrows done, so they noticed something had changed.

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