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The CityGrid Places Detail Search lets you search for business just by providing a phone number. All you have to provide is the phone number minus and dashes, spaces or other special characters, the client IP address and your publisher code. It’s a pretty quick and dirty way to do a search for a business if you don’t know the location. When I first started working with the CityGrid Places API, I built my Hyp3rl0cal project, which is a basic business directory, with versions in PHP, Python and Ruby. While building Hyp3rL0cal I wanted to show as much of the data returned from the CityGrid Places API search and detail.
I just finished my second WordPress plugin, and the listing and detail pages need to look better.
I am going to build other templates, hopefully coming up with a lot of different configurations.

I had a CityGrid developer post on the forum today, that they were concerned about the age of some of the reviews they were getting back with API requests. When they did a search for the Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland, OR–one of the reviews was nine years old. When making a detail request against the CityGrid Places API you get reviews back with the business listing, without much control over how many, or which reviews when making the request.
Using the CityGrid Reviews API you can get more granular level control over the reviews you display for a city, neighborhood, zip code, specific categories and for specific businesses you are profiling. Make sure and think about how you will handle reviews for your web or mobile application, and better deliver business reviews for your users, using the CityGrid Reviews API in addition to the CityGrid Places API. Sign up to the Platform Announcements Google group to receive important updates and announcements from the API team. The benefits of cloud technology are spreading from Amazon to the smallest family-run companies in the US.

Fortune Magazine recently asked our CMO, Andy Lark, “What are some tips for maintaining a successful startup?”. Description: People finder or lookup businesses quickly within Canada using the telephone directory, people search, area code finder, or reverse phone lookup at Canada411.
Security firm Lookout stated that Americans lost $30 billion worth of smart phones in 2011.
So both the listings and detail page are pretty bland and just show what gets returned from the places API.

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