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The Phillies and Aramark are piloting a mobile concierge app that lets you order ballpark food through your iPhone and have it delivered directly to your seat. Once you’ve placed your order and entered your payment information, sit back and relax until your food arrives, in as little as 10 to 12 minutes.
Plan a picnic and spend your weekend outdoors at the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, the largest collegiate regatta in the nation and an annual Philadelphia tradition. Standing as the world’s first and largest annual relay meet, the Penn Relays returns for its 122nd year this week. Of course you've got the same layout of the iPhone as everyone else, dock at the bottom and then all the apps on the screen and what not.

What's absolutely terrifying to me is that Apple decided to integrate Apple Maps into your cars GPS. Apple creates the new mac pro Apple's newest computer You know it, and I know it, Apple is circling the drain fast. The company once praised for it's creative and unique design has now become the cannon fodder for apparently copying it's Android competitor. But what I find funny about everyone criticizing Apple is that although they have maybe deviated their icon look a little, it absolutely works. Hopefully, this new iOS won't have you guys in a labyrinth confused about how to get to your destination, but I've said before that Apple likes to keep it simple so I have faith in them.

Instead of that blank robotic voice, the user will be able to customize to either a male or female voice. Some people hate change and some people absolutely love it, I feel this will be right in the middle. Multi-tasking is one feature Apple decided to change, apparently you'll be able to flawlessly change through multiple windows.

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