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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! I like to describe customer personas as a baseline for helping you understand your audience. Many marketers are familiar with customer personas in the context of inbound or content marketing.
Evangelist implies that they’re passionate about these topics, sharing information in some way with other people. Then let’s assume that we want to really flesh out our understanding of this segment. What’s inportant about the customer profiling process is understanding where customer profiles break down.
Basic demographics: industry, size, who do they serve, number of employees, revenues, footprint, etc. I want to focus on the idea of change for a minute, because it’s central to understanding the B2B buyer.
Whatever the situation is, something has happened that makes this urgent or important enough to focus resources on now. What aspect of their performance evaluation can your product assist, such as increasing efficiencies or cutting costs? It’s less important that your B2B buyer is Jenny, a 35-year-old office manager that manages two administrative assistants.
If you can demonstrate a tool with the analytics to turn administrative capability into a revenue generation center (for example, by tracking their contributions to lead generation), you’re going to have a sale on your hands. In content marketing, we often talk about creating a culture that embraces this type of marketing in order for it to be successful. Include your customer avatars as part of your standard internal marketing documents. Your internal marketing kit probably includes a brand guide, templates and other materials to assist your staff with external communications. Include them as part of your new hire training. More organizations are including marketing and content marketing training as part of new hire orientations. Share them with sales. Customer avatars can help your sales team quickly identify and sell more effectively to leads and prospects. Arm executives with avatars. Anyone speaking on behalf of your business will benefit from understanding your customer avatars more deeply. All creatives should work from customer profiles. Depending on your business, you are likely to have a range of creative staff working for you. If you take a close look at most inbound marketing process documents, you’ll see that marketing persona generation is one of the most important steps. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. The idea of persona-driven marketing appeals to practitioners for a wide variety of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at why personas matter, how they fit into the B2B content marketing landscape, and explore some strategies for developing customer insights that will really help you make progress with your B2B inbound marketing.
But the term is borrowed from a well-developed history of segment personas from market research. They participate in CrossFit, which emphasizes functional approaches that have both aerobic and strength training components. Specifically, we’re looking for insights into what their lives might look like and what motivates them. As you’ll quickly find out, however, customer profiles are only useful if your organization uses them effectively. What barriers arise that keep organizations, especially B2B organizations, from using profiles effectively? In the example above, I provided a long list of places you can go to get insights about your customers. Every content marketer has an anecdote, whether personal or borrowed, about a persona creation meeting that got stuck on whether to name a customer avatar Paige or Penny. In the B2C space, it’s all about facilitating ease: what problem is your buyer facing that your product or service fixes? By looking at your most profitable and engaged customers, you’ll quickly see patterns that will help you understand the context. In effect, this change in the bigger corporate context has created a change for your buyer’s job. A related idea to this is that you need to create a culture that understands, values and can implement customer avatars.
Including your avatars, with an explanation of why they matter will help demonstrate that you take them seriously and empower individuals throughout the organization to apply this knowledge to their jobs.
In fact, using customer avatars that align with where your online marketing is derived from can help your sales team better manage leads from inbound marketing. From press interviews with the CEO to your director of HR pitching potential recruits, solid B2B avatars can help focus themes, language and approach. This includes writers, designers, and positions you may not think of as creative types such as programmers. But, asking the right questions and creating a culture that enables those personas to go to work for your business is critical, and many organizations don’t understand how to tackle this aspect of the process.

Usually, the market research firm gathers a tremendous amount of data about your audience and then starts to look for patterns. They are vivid and engaging, showing that a tremendous amount of energy and imagination went into creating them.
What I mean here is that the profile is a list of statistics or facts, but it fails to analyze the meaning of these facts in a helpful way and apply it to your business. I suspect that many of these are just myths, but they underscore an important point: the personalization is just a tool.
Is the buyer the company, the decision maker, or the ring of influencers weighing in a position? Historically, leads from cold calling and from inbound marketing may require different handling.
Has your business found an effective way to use your B2B customer avatars to inform your marketing and other endeavors? This makes it easier to understand what motivates your customers so you can communicate with them and develop products and services that meet their needs.
The patterns that emerge are grouped into similar customers, and each of those segments is given a name that relates to their status or behavior. But if your data sources are too one-sided, you may miss out on critical insights and the kind of well-rounded profile that your business can really use. If your customers are moms, it doesn’t critically matter if Paige has 2 children or 3 children, unless your product specifically makes life easier for a larger family.
People don’t understand how to put avatars into action, so they sit unused and feel like wasted effort. Is it possible to map a buyer when the B2B buying cycle is long, intense, and multi-faceted? How could a deeper understanding of your ideal customer help them write better copy, build a better product or craft a more engaging customer experience? The root of a solid profile starts with auditing your website data, your buying history, mailing list profiles, customer interviews, staff insights, surveys, detailed market research reports and more.
By introducing your customer avatars as part of your overall introduction to new hires throughout your company, you’re putting your team on the same page.

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