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There is a good reason why almost every single Fortune 500 company and millions of small businesses across the country use toll free phone numbers as their primary business lines.
Toll free phone numbers are special business telephone numbers with an 800 number prefix that give small business a big business appeal.
Toll free phone numbers are not as important as they once were in regard to the ability to call a€?toll freea€?, however they still remain the industry standard telephone numbers for businesses. These toll free 800 numbers are specially regulated by the FCC to ensure businesses own their toll free numbers and can port them to any carrier they wish to, at any time they desire.

This is true not because having an 1800 number gives your business instant credibility, although it does have that effect, it is true because of the portability. This means that toll free phone numbers (unlike local telephone numbers) can be easily and efficiently transferred to any toll free carrier at any time. See the question above as to what number portability is and why it is important for small businesses. This is important because if your small business moves location, if you change to a new small business phone system, or your phone company simply raises their rates a€“ you can move to another provider and take your business phone number with you.

Before this policy was implemented by the FCC phone companies could hold business phone numbers hostage.
If a phone company decided to raise its rates, small businesses would have to pay the new rate or that business would lose its businessa€™s telephone number.

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