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Depending on the settings of a given ad platform in YAN (Yandex Advertising Network), quick links and images can be added to ads that will display on Yandex partner and third party sites.
Additionally, advertisers can fill out a vCard with contact information so a mobile icon appears in their ad and users can select it to quickly get in contact with a given business.  This feature, similar to an ad extension, is highly recommended to improve mobile user experience. Mobile ads can be created and edited in the Yandex.Direct interface in addition to Commander, API, and via bulk export and import in xls or csv format.

Data on the Yandex main page daily audience in February 2015 shows that 25% of desktop visitors also visited the mobile version.  Meanwhile, 68% of mobile users also visited the desktop search page.
We provide a broad range of information covering market trends, industry analysis, pay per click (PPC), display advertising and training on Yandex.

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