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Install the LG Xenon usb drivers (LG Xenon CD download) on your PC, When you connect your LG Xenon to your PC, three virtual serial ports (COMn) ports will be installed. I have seen the AT&T ads offering tethering plans for $20, but no one at the 800 number knows anything about the ad. 5 plug your phone into your computer and ensure that the drivers for LG Mobile USB WMC Data Modem are installed. 7 start lg pc suite 2 once its synced with your phone select internet kit and follow the instructins. After searching for LG Xenon Drivers, I found them plus I found LG PC Suite II which I’m using to make the connection with my phone and it works well. With these basic things out of the way, we can get down to actually looking at the features of the phone.

Memory cards are fairly inexpensive these days and come in especially handy for storing your photos.
The 500g is notable for being almost as narrow as a regular brick phone at the cost of a smaller QWERTY keyboard. The Moto EX431g takes a different tack by offering a kind of squat appearance with a wide but not too deep keyboard and a screen to match.
The Samsung R355C offers a more traditional layout and trusts that you'll live with the size in exchange for the convenience of use. If you decide you don't need a physical keyboard for texting, you can consider a touchscreen phone, and you have quite a few options without going all the way to a smart phone which are good but usually have a higher monthly cost. The LG 840g has the most features of any prepaid phone with a touchscreen including WiFi access.

I just called AT&T CS and was told that, yes, they do have a $20 plan for 10mg and can be used with a LG Xenon. It is a compact phone that's a little wider than a normal open face phone but narrower than your typical texting phone.
I was able to use both the tips of my thumbs as well as my thumb nails to operate the keys.

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