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South Korean children displaying their smartphones after a special class on smartphone addiction at an elementary school in Seongnam, south of Seoul. SEOUL: Kim Nam-Hee pulls no punches as she warns a classroom of wide-eyed South Korean 10-year-olds that they stand on the edge of an addiction that will turn them all into "mindless slaves". The grim presentation by the social campaigner follows a survey with the loaded title: "Who's your real family?" It asked the students to compare the hours they spend on their smartphones with the time they spend interacting with relatives.
South Korea's pride in its high-tech prowess, from ultra-fast broadband speeds to Samsung's cutting-edge smartphones, is now tinged by anxiety over digital addiction -- with even pre-school children showing symptoms of IT obsession. The country has long promoted Internet technology as a key driver of growth, and the capital Seoul is often referred to as the "most wired" city on the planet. About 70 percent of South Korea's 50 million people have smartphones -- the highest penetration rate in the world, according to the market research firm eMarket.
But the country's fixation with everything digital has parents worried about its impact on young -- sometimes very young -- children.
The initiative, organised in conjunction with the health and education ministries, requires schools to teach special classes on Internet addiction and organise holiday "boot camps" to wean students off their dependency. According to government data, more than 80 percent of South Koreans aged 12 to 19 owned smartphones in 2012, double the 2011 figure.
Nearly 40 percent of those spent more than three hours a day tweeting, chatting, or playing games -- despite attempts by teachers to confiscate all devices at the beginning of the day and return them when classes are over.
An annual government survey estimated that nearly 20 percent of teenagers were "addicted" to smartphones. Addiction was defined by a number of criteria, including anxiety and depression when separated from a smartphone, a repeated failure to cut back on usage time, and feeling happier using smartphones than being with family or friends.
The problem is not exclusive to teenagers, and the government's education policy targets primary schools and even pre-schoolers. South Korea is painfully aware of the tragic results that can flow from Internet dependence.
Police in 2010 arrested a couple who let their three-month-old starve to death while they obsessively played an online game -- about raising a virtual baby.
A woman was arrested last year after giving birth in the toilet of an Internet cafe, where she had been playing for days, and abandoning the new-born. Former schoolteacher Kwon Jang-Hee, who heads a civic group campaigning against digital addiction, has been criss-crossing the country since 2005 lecturing children and parents on the hazards of a tech-obsessed lifestyle.

Kwon said he had experienced extreme cases where children had threatened parents with violence or self-harm when their smartphones were confiscated. Parental awareness needs to "start early", said Kwon, who warned against using smartphones to pacify crying babies and said purchasing devices for children should be deferred as long as possible. Housewife Park Sung-Hee, who attended a recent "smartphone discipline" boot camp organised by Kwon in Seoul, said she was desperate to get her two teenage sons to cut down on their smartphone usage.
In her recent presentation to the 10-year-olds at a school near Seoul, Kim Nam-Hee, a member of Kwon's civic group, played on the ultra-competitive nature of South Korea's education system, warning that students obsessed with gadgets may grow up to become "losers". Kim highlighted the Waldorf school network in the United States which operates a strict no-computer policy and has a branch in California's Silicon Valley that is a popular choice with senior employees of tech giants such as Yahoo! Excessive smartphone usage, she argued, would sap the very creativity that lay behind the technological advances that the smartphone represented. Han Doug-Hyun, a psychiatrist who treats patients for "Internet addiction" at Chung-Ang University Hospital in Seoul, said parents often started to identify a problem when their children were around 13 years old. While sympathetic to parental concerns, Han cautioned against over-stating the seriousness of the problem and of demonising technology. Bkav Corporation, an internet security entity, rolled out its anti-virus Bkav Mobile Security software for mobile phones and tablets today.
Social-networking giant Facebook could flex its growing might after reportedly raising $500 million from Goldman Sachs and a Russian firm in a deal valuing the website at $50 billion.
Ho Chi Minh City-based Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) Thursday launched the project of building a new data centre worth $2 million here, with IBM partnering in the information technology plan.
Vietnam is becoming a magnet for foreign investors engaging in manufacturing light emitting diode technology. China’s ZTE Corporation is targeting to enter the world’s manufacturer list at top three for tablet PC, top five for Android smart phones and No.1 for Chinese smart terminals in 2011. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or products details& no watermarked Pictures needed.
Oh, you may also want to pay attention to this XDA thread, as someone is already working on a fix. Lol, I am the who posted over at android forums that i got my droid 2 global working in chile. It immediately picked up local gsm service with a local prepaid card and works over 3G with the proper APN settings.

MasterVader me puedes contactar a [email protected] o darme tu correo para hacerte una consulta?
Not surprisingly, Verizon is up to their old obnoxious tricks of restricting customer freedom.
Damn, and I was looking forward to dropping calls, never having 3g coverage and being abused by horrible customer service reps. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
The concern is shared around the world in other advanced economies, but the South Korean government has gone furthest in its response. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. South Korea based, LG Electronics is the #4 largest mobile phone maker in the world according to unit sales (3,8%), after Samsung (30,3%), Apple (19,1%), Huawei (4%). My husband recentely bought one unlocked, just pass the gsm sim card of the other phone and works.
And FYI there are pics of the PRO over at Hofo showing it fully active and running on AT&T and T-Mobile.
The Touch Pro 2 is a world phone that Sprint had to lock out and VZW was supposed to lock out from US GSM networks.
Get Viber […]6 Must Have Video Chat Applications on Smartphones The times of holding a telephone gathering are over.
VZW has to come up with a patch for this issue as there is no way they can advertise a quad band global phone that only operates on two bands. By the way he has an international roaming with his carrier (from Costa Rica) and did not work.

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