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The Apple iPhone 5 will be launching on Friday and it is more than just a coincidence that it is also the first day of T-Mobile's Magenta Deal Days. T-Mobile has my back with unlimited, unthrottled data, without paying an extra $10 a month for 4G speeds. Apple took the iphone 4s and made the screen a little larger, made an app that has been around for panorama pictures for over 3 years as an app a native feature and ignorant people eat it up. Next thing you will probably do is downplay the surface tablet and tell people to get a macbook air because apples are virus free..
You might wanna clean up that headline since it can't be nothing down after a rebate if you have to front some money to get it and then wait for a rebate!

Please enter your zip code for the area in which you plan to use your phone most of the time, so that we can provide you with accurate information. From September 21st through September 30th, those willing to put on handcuffs for two years by signing a contract, will be able to buy a new phone using an installment plan and put nothing down after the mail-in rebate.
Which sprint currently can't do for most areas yet because they don't really have a LTE nationwide network fully running. Most basic users and technically challenged people use iphones because it is they dont know any better and because it is more of a fashion statement and a trend then technology to make life easier. I cant stand samsungs plastycky-ness, but a gs3 for free or a iphone for650 and you wold chose an iphone and call it a win?

T-Mobile's sale begins on the Apple iPhone 5's launch dayIt's no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S III is at front and center of the carrier's promotional material.
The top selling flagship Android model has sold over 20 million units and is one of the few handsets that can stand up next to Apple's iconic smartphone. They will have to pay a migration fee when they switch from their Classic plan to a value plan with less than 18 months of service under their belt.

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